Thankful For Me

When one thinks of the word “mother”, caretaker comes to mind. Mom’s are people who get stuff done. We kiss boo boos, cook dinner and check home work. Moms are the glue that holds a house together.

One thing I’ve noticed in my growing years of motherhood is there is one thing I’m not taking care of. ME.

Most days I run to and fro, just hoping by some miracle we make it every where on time. Thinking if we all only survive til bedtime I will have a few minutes to myself. Then I wake up 2 hours later with crazy hair and cotton mouth from snoring away on the couch. 

I’m thankful I’m able to do all that I do. My life is hectic. Not for the faint of heart if I dare say, but I enjoy it. 

I make this face some days when I see our schedule.

Finishing out the year, I’m making the decision to show myself the gratitude I deserve by making sure I carve out time for myself. I know it won’t be easy. However I would like to believe I’m worth it.

Martyr and Mom aren’t 2 words that should reflect each other. Take some time to devote to yourself. If it’s straightening up eating habits, picking up a hobby or simply making sure you take some more time to rest. 

Moms are amazing people. Don’t be worried to invest some time in to yourself. We can’t pour from empty cups. Im thankful for the crazy in my life. Just thankful enough to realize when I need to reinvest in me.❤️

The person I should be keeping track of better!

5 thoughts on “Thankful For Me

  1. You’re so right! I learned this lesson this week the hard way. I’ve been abusing my body for the last few months and not giving it the chance to rest and I ended up getting super sick. Had no choice but to rest while getting through the headaches, sinus pressure, chills and fever. I need to take some time to myself before I get to this point.

  2. Taking care of yourself is huge because then you can’t take care of your special gifts!! I write me time into my home life planner just to make sure it happens.

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