Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

July 16th is a big day. It’s national guinea pig appreciation day!

Guinea pigs became domesticated around 5000 BC as livestock. They were an easily accessible and plentiful food source to the early inhabitants of South America.

Fast forward a few thousand years and they became the “in” pet for many of Europeans royals.

Now a days guinea pigs a very common pet. They’re friendly, fuzzy and fairly easy to care for.

Here’s a few quick facts:

– the average guinea pig life span is 5-8 years.

-in addition to commercial pellets, guinea pigs need fresh veggies and hay to have optimum health.

-they do best in pairs or groups. Guinea pigs are very social.

– guinea pigs are rodents. And in rodent fashion can begin reproducing as early as 4 weeks old.

– guinea pigs require 8 square feet per pig per cage. Most pet store cages are too small.

-they poop everywhere!

We’ve loved having pigs for pets! They are incredibly easy and very cuddly. When looking for your next pet don’t over look the humble guinea pig!

Are You Crazy?

Are you crazy? I had this asked of me lately. I wasn’t quite sure how to answer. I may be a little different but I’m not quite sure im ready to jump on the label of crazy just yet.

When my parents sold the dairy farm in April, it left my husband and I few options if we wanted to stay in the dairy industry. We weren’t interested in getting out, so we had to find a way to stay IN.

Ultimately the option we went with was one that has gotten a few comments on the state of our sanity.

We’re building a dairy barn at our house!

Our building plans. A 60 cow compost barn with a 6 stall parlor. Either flat or step parlor.

This fall we will be milking 60 head of cattle at our house. It’s exciting, scary and probably the biggest mix of emotions ive ever felt!

After some long talks, sleepless nights and many prayers.. we’ve decided to follow our wild dreams. Talk about something that takes some courage.

The support we’ve had has been truly humbling. It’s also reassuring when you’re entering a line of work that is currently experiencing rock bottom markets. That is one of the best things about the dairy industry, the community and fellowship is second to none.

A picture from across the pasture field looking at the building site.

Someone told me a few days ago “When God handed you that many lemons you didn’t quit. You stold your ground and decided to built an entire lemonade stand.”

Big things happen you follow your dreams. We aren’t ready to be done dreaming yet!