Back to School

Adios kiddies! School is back in session.

It’s that time of the year again. School has started. Dear little ones will be carted away and suddenly the house is quiet. Peace has descended upon the land. Mothers everywhere are left with a void. 

What do we do with that time we had devoted to refereeing, planning and squabble dispatching? Oh mommas, I have ideas! 


This one came easy to me. In the time I would have been listening to a long, drawn out and most likely enhanced tattle on a sibling… I now can be found hunkered down with a pillow. A little R&R is much deserved after planning play dates all summer.


Yes reading. Something other than Amelia Bedilia or Pete the Cat. Stacks of Cosmo and Good Housekeeping here I come. I’m done counting Pete’s buttons and on to idle reading that may possibly shrink my brain cells.

Finding The House

Tidying up a house while the tiny tornadoes are inhabiting it is fairly pointless. Take this time to find that long lost floor. Shake the dust off the sweeper and find out what exactly is under that couch.

Self Care

Now I’m not saying over an over the top trip to the day spa. Not that anything is wrong with those. I’m envisioning showering with no one banging on the door. No lines to use the potty. Brushing my teeth with no one offering me bubble gum flavored tooth paste. The little things folks.

Day Drinking

You may be saying, I don’t need booze to get thru the day. No you don’t. But picture this, a hot, steaming cup of coffee. Fresh from the pot. It has never been forgotten nor microwaved. No other paws have touched it’s steamy, warm caffinated love but your own. And have if you want a mojito with your bologna sandwich at lunch go for it! 

Dream big ladies. We have survived the summer. We conquered the pool, play dates and summer reading programs. These are no small accomplishments. Treat yo’self! 

Dear Daughter

Eight years ago you came in to our world. Chubby, wrinkly and bruised you made your presence. I’ll never forget the doctor going “wow!” As you arrived. Wow was right, all 10 pounds 2 ounces of you was a little more than we were anticipating. 

You were an easy baby. I’m sure there were days you were more patient with me than I was with you. You have always been independent. Much preferring to sit and watch than to be held. 

As you grew it was apparent how you loved to learn how to do things. You are a child that things have came easy for. I’m beyond grateful for that. Walking, talking, school work has all been a breeze for you. 

Your quick wit and original (we’ll call it) sense of humor keeps us all laughing. I’m not sure you should be as fluent in sarcasm as you are for your young age. You’re the life of the party. A ball of energy who has to be on the move constantly. 

While you’re a tomboy to the core, with a love for the farm, you still have a girly side. You’ve recently discovered boys, make up and how to maneuver your own hair accessories. I’m not sure how much of this I AM ready for, but you seem to ready for it all. 

As you grow I pray you maintain your individuality, even if it makes me scratch my head some days! The world has great things for you to conquer. I feel the same as the doctor 8 years ago, you make me say wow every day. 

Happy 8th Birthday Emma Grace! 

~Love, Mom