Farmboy Milestones

Growing up on the farm you have milestones other kids don’t. Milking your first cow, driving a tractor for the first time, being big enough to throw hay bales.

Today we hit a BIG one in this house.

Way back at Christmas Taylor started pestering us about a pocket knife. He was only 5 at the time and he was (still can be) very impulsive. Like any other little kid. So we set the thought aside.

One thing you can not discredit Taylor on is his work ethic. You may be thinking work ethic, with a six year old? This kid busts his hump every day at the farm. Generally with out being asked. He genuinely wants to help. 

Part of the responsibility he has taken this summer is keeping the calf barn bedded. This involves him using small square bales of straw to bed. Small squares are bound with baling twine. 

Taylors go to to cut the twine had either been scissors or my pocket knife. He has been handling my knife well. He’s also lost 3 of my knives and a pair of scissors. Because he’s six.. 

Tonight that has all changed. He’s been given the responsibility of his very own pocket knife. It may just be a used, hand me down knife from a drawer. But to him it currently means everything. We had to find just the right spot on the counter for it so he wouldn’t forget it when we left for the barn in the morning. 

He may not remember when he first figured out how to take a step or the first time he rode a bike. I’m pretty sure he’s going to remember the first day he had his very own pocket knife.