Take Your Children With You

If I had a dollar for every time I heard women talk about the dreams they sacrificed for their children. My barn would be paid off and I would be debt free. Honestly, and I know I will catch slack for this, that comment drives me crazy!

Children are the great imitators. Whether we want them to or not, they are watching everything we do as parents. Good and bad, they see it all.

Chasing dreams is scary. It’s hard, dirty work. It’s exhausting. There’s tears. Sometimes there’s even blood.

There’s a lot of what if’s involved. What if you fail? What if it just doesn’t work? What if the timing is all wrong?

BUT what if it goes right? You will never know unless you try. Is there a greater example to give our children? They might see you struggle and cut back. They will see you on your bad days. When you’re horribly discouraged and ready to chuck in a sweat covered towel. And then they can see you succeed!

Quit coming up with excuses and reasons not to. You only live once. Take the chance. Follow the dream. Chase the goal. Your kids will thank you for the inspiration one day.

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