Mother Uber

Summers quickly turning in to fall. While I’m not one who is going to miss the weather, this time of year brings about its own challenges.

I don’t mean the cows. They’re predictable. They want fed and milked twice a day. A few chin scratches and they’re content.

Kids. Kids have activities. Many, many activities. Currently 4-H, football and scouts fill our calendar. Soon dance and tumbling will get thrown in the mix.

One of the first things we seriously discussed when we began traveling down the crazy road of starting a farm was making sure our kids were more than the farm.

Don’t get me wrong, I want them to love the cows with all all the opportunities they bring. I also want them to enjoy being kids. Playing ball, hanging with friends and chasing their dreams.

It makes life crazy. We’ve had a lot more late nights in the barn than I care to mention. But the reality is while the farm is our dream it may not be our children’s.

Will Emma ever be a prima ballerina? Is Taylor the next Baker Mayfield? Will Henry become a milk truck driver where it never snows like he’s dreaming of? We don’t know.

I want my kids to be able to take the discipline and work ethic they use at home and be able to apply it to their goals. While they may not end up in agricultural lifestyles, I want them to remember what ag taught them.

Farming is a rough road. It demands a lot if not all of our time. I hope we always carve out the time to help our kids follow our dreams, just like we are ours.

So currently I am “Mother Uber”. Driving nearly daily to get kids where the need to be. If you see me looking hot, frazzled and slightly disheveled… feel free to toss me a coffee and some dry shampoo. Lord knows I need ALL the tools in my arsenal!

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