Making Dinner

Tonight I cooked supper with my kids. We do this about once a month. They make most of the meals by themselves and I man the stove/oven. 

This sounds like a great idea. Truth be told it’s chaos. Just tonight we broke 5 eggs on the floor, had a minor squabble over a rolling pin and fought over sausage links. But we plug along. Spills, yelling and tears.

Now this may sound terrible. But have you ever tried cooking with 3 kids, all under 8? It took an hour to get French toast and sausage links on the table. All these things are to be expected.

See admist the mishaps are moments of giggles. Math skills are honed. Team work is built. Some day my hope is they will be able to do this with out me. Then one day (hopefly FAR away) they’ll make memories with their own kids. 

So even though I may have hid in the kitchen, eating a left over sausage link, drinking a beer while I browned French toast, pondering all my life choices… next month we will cook again. 

Our patience is tested. Our food isn’t ready to grace the cover of Martha Stewart Living. But it’s real food; made with love, giggles and minor squabbles. 

Take a minute, make dinner with your kids. Enjoy yourselves. Laugh, (maybe) cry and make memories. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’ll taste better that way. ❤️

Remnants of supper.

8 thoughts on “Making Dinner

  1. I can totally relate to the chaos of having the kids cook. I try to do it often but some days I just don’t have it in me! They do love to cook though.

  2. Ha ha ha! Love it! I *try* to let me kids help me in kitchen whenever I can and I *try* really hard not to lose my mind in the middle of it! Great post! Thanks for the reminders!

  3. I have to have a beer with dinner and it’s just me and my hubby cooking! LOL. You’re doing a great thing for your kiddos so kudos to you! And we love doing breakfast for dinner! Pancakes for dinner are always a hit.

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