Take the Time

Time. People. These are things we all take for granted. In an instant it can all be gone. Accidents, illness, lack of judgement. All these things can be taken away.

I’ve had a sad realization lately perusing some agricultural groups I’m in. We simply ignore time.

“I can’t I have cows to milk.”
“No picnic for me I have a farm.”
“He spent our whole anniversary in the field.”
“What’s one dance recital, we have hay to make.”


Important people in our lives can easily be pushed aside with the notion that they’ll always be there. They understand.

Holidays, life milestones, precious time with family, often overlooked.

We need to slow down.

I am well aware there’s a time things have to be done in. I grew up on a dairy farm. I’m raising my children on a dairy farm.

I realize every event won’t be attended. Every anniversary won’t be pomp and fanfare.

Here’s the thing. Let people know they’re appreciated. That they mean something to you. It’s as simple as a text or a phone call. Attend the dance recital or bring some coleslaw when you actually attend the picnic.

We are a busy people. Life gets crazy and hectic. But please, don’t assume you always have time to spend with the people that love you.


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