When The Tooth Fairy Forgets To Show

I love being a parent. If nothing else it allows you to live a little vicariously thru your kids. It can bring a whole new sense of magic to the holiday’s. Santa, the Easter Bunny, all the fun people.

One person who struggles at our house is our dear friend the Tooth Fairy. 

Emma has lost a LOT of teeth very quickly. She’s 7 and just a few short days ago lost her eighth tooth. 

She laughs she looks like a pumpkin with her mouth open.

While this child can brighten anyone’s day, she comes with an extra sprinkle of drama. Especially when it comes to tooth loss. To sum it up quaintly, she’s nearly fainted before when losing one. Yes, nearly hit the ground over tooth loss. 

Thursday morning, thru some tears and hyperventilation, she extracted the latest one. After her melt down over blood loss and excruciating pain (SHE pulled it), she tucked it under her pillow. Of course this was all before the bus came to add to morning chaos. 

By no means do I claim to be a perfect mom. The tooth fairy has slipped up before. After taking in a little Thursday night TV, I may have fallen asleep on the couch. I may have forgot to remind the tooth fairy to appear. 

Friday morning was doused in disappointment, frustration and tears before I even was aware of my slip up. After a mental breakdown (on her part) and some expressed disgust in the breakdown (on my part). Emma dropped the truth bomb. The tears were on me. 

Well poop. 

So… we crafted a nice little gift bag for our dear winged friend. Complete with so much it had to go in a baggy. 

A note requesting foreign coins, a comic strip from a lunchable and the lost tooth. It was carefully tucked under her pillow. And she trotted off to the bus. 

Friday evening was our elementary schools fun fair. Chaos, running kids, I had volunteered to run a few games. We all came home tired. 

I may or may not have fallen asleep on the couch. Again.

I may or may not have neglected to exchange a gift bag for some currency.

I may or may not have woke up off the couch at 5 am having a mini heat attack because I realized that darn fairy hadn’t arrived again. 

I scrounged around the house for a dollar. Coming up short handed everywhere. Finally I found the right pair of pants in the laundry pile that still had my husbands wallet in them. (Empty pockets before laundry? Unheard of.)

So I snagged $2. An extra dollar for interest and a strong case of mom guilt. 

I crept upstairs to quietly exchange the goods. Pulled out the baggy, slid in a note, explaining that because Emma was the first stop tonight as to avoid any possibility of missing her, the tooth fairy had no money from far away lands. And left the cash. 

Success! The tooth fairy didn’t strike out two nights in a row! 

Eight years ago I wouldn’t have imagined myself creeping around in the wee hours of the morning, crafting notes from imaginary fairies, giving too much money for lost teeth. Yet here we are. Welcome to parenting 😉


2 thoughts on “When The Tooth Fairy Forgets To Show

  1. The Tooth Fairy has been late to our house on multiple occasions. Better fairies have been fired for less, I imagine. But she always leaves a note of apology. When my daughters started leaving her multiple long notes, THEN we had another problem. 😉

  2. Been there! My daughter lost teeth like crazy! (She’s 10 now and has ALL her adult teeth!). All I can say is thank God for Grandma who would magically find the cash at her house 😂

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