Dye Different

We normally have a constant abundance of eggs. We have a slight chicken problem (you can read about here or here). The great thing about having a yard full of chickens is they turn bugs and table scraps in to eggs. 

I think that one in the bottoms right corner is a double yolker!

Next week Peter Cotton Tail is going to be hoping down the trail to hide eggs. Not wanting to buy eggs when I already had a refrigerator FULL of eggs, we dyed brown eggs. 

If you have never dyed brown eggs it’s super simple. Actually it’s just the same as white eggs. We did need to leave ours sit in the dye a smidgen longer. But the colors are so much deeper. 

We always just use the McCormick coloring guide to mix our colors. All you need is water, white vinegar and food coloring. 
Break outside the box this year. Find some brown eggs to color! 


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