The Age of Perfection

There’s a great thing that’s come about with social media. The age of perfection. One where our photos are only posted if we are perfectly groomed and everyone is smiling brightly. There is no sadness in our family, only tooth filled smiles and pleasantries. Our children no longer misbehave, always please and thank you. There is never a disagreement with your spouse, I mean who has time to argue with all the well manicured photos and happiness?

Ok, did I lose anyone? Because honestly that was making me nauseous. Real life isn’t as neat and tidy as a perfectly posed, filtered Instagram photo. I would be lying if I said I wish it was. 

If you want to fully submerse yourself in to perfection, discuss parenting on social media. Blogs, posts, info graphs on how to improve your child. How to correct behaviors. Full of advice and wisdom. 

Here’s the thing. Our kids aren’t robots. They’re smaller versions of us. They have more emotions and feelings then you can imagine. Don’t believe me? Spend a mere 20 minutes with a 3 year old. Happy – crying- enraged – giggling toddlers. God bless them and their mood swings! 

Some days he roars like a lion. Then needs snuggled.

I’m not sure it improves much when they’re older. Opinions, valid (😁) arguments… Believe it or not there are days my precious angels have the audacity to yell at me!

There are days they are as mentally exhausting as they are cute.

Brace yourself… Some days I let them dish it to me. Just like us kids have bad days. Some times they fly off the handle. Guess what, so do I! 

Our kids aren’t perfect. Neither are we. The thing is we all learn from our mistakes. We apologize. We say sorry. We are merely human. Some days we’re simply angry and crabby. That’s ok. Even if the anger is directed at you from someone who still can’t tie their own shoes. 

Some days in this house we yell and argue. There’s tears and name calling. Then we apologize, hug and move on. There are no perfect kids that live under our roof. We are far from perfect parents. And we are definitely trying to figure out how to perfect that amazing social media photo. 

It’s as close as we get.


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