Being A Good Mom

I’m a good mom. It’s a hard statement to type. It’s probably even harder for me to say out loud. But the truth is we need to tell ourselves this. 

I frequently feel like the candle is burning from both ends. But really the candle doesn’t only have two ends, it has wicks every where. Some days that flicker of a candle is more easily envisioned as a bonfire blazing out of control. 

There are days I pray that my kindergartener feels like I’m giving him enough attention while he works on spelling as I’m doing dishes and tending to dinner. 

My first grader reads and colors with my toddler while I get lunches packed for school. She’s my go to to occupy him when I need a diversion for him so I can shower. 

I think the hectic life of farming has made me stop to appreciate the small actions that are turning them in to great little humans. They have learned it takes a team to get everything done in a day. 

I’ve begun to focus more on the quality of the time we spend together. We have fun even when doing everyday things. Telling jokes in the tractor. Singing pre school songs (possibly loudly and off key) while we scrape manure. Our time together may be crazy, but it’s still time together. 

Days I feel like the candle is starting to go a blaze I stop and think. Did the kids leave for school happy? Did everyone eat a semi nutritious meal today? Is everyone fairly clean? Did we all survive until bed time? It may sound corny, but some days just reminding myself this helps. 

Life’s not perfect. Some days it’s an absolute mess, with glue stick in your hair and all. There are nights I run to dance class a little “aromatic” yet from the barn. But I’m giving it my all. And that is what makes us all good moms. 

18 thoughts on “Being A Good Mom

  1. I give myself little pep talks on the harder days. “Are we both fed and watered? no one is bleeding or sobbing hysterically? we are both alive? then it’s been a good day!” lol. Lovely post, you sound like a wonderful mother 🙂 xx

  2. I find that I’m a much better mommy when I get plenty of sleep and don’t take on too much. My three year old has mastered the art of diversion for my 7 month old while I do livestock chores or housework. I’m so very thankful for her.

  3. Yes!!! On behalf of all mothers out there, we stand with you! Haha! We know what it’s like and we struggle too. But we are all doing better than we think we are! Great post!

  4. All mamas feel like they’re not good enough a lot of the time. But we just have to remind ourselves that we were chosen for these sweet little ones! ❤

  5. This is a great post! I totally understand when you say candle burning at both ends!! I feel that way all the time. But it’s good to stop and appreciate our little victories and appreciate all the good things that have happened in our day. Your kids are adorable!

  6. I always feel horrible when I’m doing chores and not giving my kiddos all my attention. So now I let them do chores with me so I feel better lol. You are a great momma and they know that 💛

  7. Love this! It’s definitely hard for me to tell myself I’m a good mom. I always see the things I’m failing at. I love how you’re focusing on the quality and not quantity of time. I need to do that too.

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