Thankful November and Parenting

November is here and it brings with it the urge to share everything we are thankful for. There are the obvious family, health, friends… But I think when you’re a parent you enter a new season of thankfulness. One where you appreciate smaller things. 

  • Everyone knowing the location of their shoes when you need to walk out the door. 

    Shoes, shoes anyone?

  • No hostage type negotiations over eating, getting dressed, basically acting human.
  • No one proudly announcing a bodily function in a public setting.

    Toddlers fart a LOT. For which they are very proud.

  • All outside type creatures (bugs,slugs, amphibians) remaining outside. 

    This list should include ducks.

  • Good weather that allows your kids to burn off energy outside for hours. 
  • Successfully completing potty training.
  • Everyone cooperating for a family photo.

    I’m not sure this qualifies as that.

  • Avoiding cold/flu in the winter.
  • The bank teller giving you the correct number of suckers when you go to the drive up window. 
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marathons so you can accomplish something on a rainy day. 
  • Cause nothing is more destructive than a bored toddler.

  •  That glorious moment in the evening when everyone falls asleep

    Snuggled in Mom and Dads bed because thats where they sleep best.


2 thoughts on “Thankful November and Parenting

  1. I miss these days! I am a new grandma, but they live 2000 miles away, but Skype makes it easier. I ate cereal with my 2 year old grand daughter the other day and we ate cheerios together and just talked.. 2000 miles apart! Thanks for sharing at country fair blog party, you make me smile every post!!!!!

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