I Know I’m Tired

If I had a dollar for every time someone commented that I looked tired, it would make this whole low milk price thing a lot easier. I, like every other mom, am aware of my sleep lacking state. It’s not something easy to ignore. 

I’ve heard it any where from family functions to church to the grocery store to the park. Sleep is a rare commodity at this house. You cherish every minute you get. 

In my opinion, it’s not the nicest nor politest thing to say. The following is a short list of things you could say instead. 

  • Would you like me to get you a coffee? 

I know many mothers who appreciate a good ol’ cup of joe. Not only is coffee cheap, it’s everywhere! For a mere $1.25 you may just make a woman’s day. 

  • Can I watch your kids for a while?

Now obviously use some common sense with this one. If you don’t know the mom, this is creepy. Save this for moms in your circle of acquaintances. Just giving her some quiet time to nap or few moments to regain her sanity again would be amazing. 

This. We all need a break from the crazy.

  • Offer to help with a small task. 

See a mom wrangling kids and trying to groceries in her car? Offer to lend a hand. Randomly take a small meal. She has to feed those wild troops every day. Even a pizza can go a long way. The point is when you’re dragging your booty 3 feet behind you, no small of kindness act goes unnoticed.

Take out, gift card, homemade? Food is always a hit.

  • Re-Assure her that her kids are doing great. 

See a rag tag bunch driving a cart around the grocery store? Mom pushing a stroller aimlessly around the park? Kids tumbling all over each other at the bus stop? The point is every mom approaching the point of breaking would like to know that her efforts aren’t futile. That despite the fact little Johnny decides to show everyone in a 3 mile radius he can lick his arm pit, it will all turn for the better. 

They look cute, that armpit reference didnt come from thin air.

  • Tell her she looks great. 

If she looks like a million bucks or a hot mess, it doesn’t matter. All moms, anyone for that matter, can use a confidence boost from time to time. I would much rather here I look great, even just presentable, then hearing I have bags under my eyes and jelly on my leggings. 

I rock dark, baggy eyes.

The fact is motherhood is simply a state with varying degrees of tiredness. We know we’re tired. A small act of kindness goes a very long way when you try to successfully wrangle tiny humans. 


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