Cheeseburgers and Choices 

When you become a parent you have to eventually let your children make decisions of their own. Sometimes you agree with these choices, sometimes you think they’ve gone crazy but go with the flow. Live and learn after all!

Taylor is 5. He’s passionate about the farm. In all honesty he may interact with more consumers at the grocery store than even the best agriculture advocates. He once sat for a considerable length of time telling a lady at the local grocery store how hard all the cows worked to make the gallon of milk she just picked up. She at first looked at him like he was a little crazy, then loved his story. 

Taylor also knows all the in and outs of farming. He knows when the trucker comes to pick up cull (no longer desirable to be milked) cows they aren’t going “on vacation”. We’ve always been up front and honest with our kids. When these cows leave the barn, they are destined to be entering the food chain. 

This past fall the kids saw this first hand. One of our ladies who was always too high strung for her own good fell. When she fell she broke one of her rear legs. Cattle can’t walk on 3 legs. An adult cow can’t be casted or braced successfully. We were left with 2 options, either simply euthanize her or to butcher and process her for our consumption. We choose the second option. She was a large, healthy cow and would provide both our families plus employees with ample amounts of burger. 

The kids did not witness her being processed, however the whole experience made this aspect of eating a little more real for our kind hearted Taylor. When the burger came home he asked with big eyes “Is that #6?” I gave him an honest yes for an answer. 

For the next month or so he would only pick at dishes served for dinner made from ground beef. Recently he has began politely declining beef and only eating the sides served with it, even though I made it very known that we had eaten all of #6. 

Farm boys are often classified as “meat and potato” eaters. Hearty meals are needed to recoup all that energy spent working hard all day. My farm boy is content eating chicken and pork these days. His current motto may be “Cows are friends, not food”. 

While the rest of our family might not partake in his eating choices, I think it’s best to support him. It could be a phase, he could be a budding vegetarian, chances are he may be eating cheeseburgers by Christmas. Until that time I’m looking for many more chicken recipes and hearty sides! 


5 thoughts on “Cheeseburgers and Choices 

  1. Love this! We had an episode, much like this, with our first steer and my oldest. I totally agree with you on your philosophies. You are doing great!

  2. I love your article, and that you are so willing to share your life journey with us to learn from! Thanks for sharing at country fair blog party. I do hope you’ll share your next “chapter” with us tomorrow at our new link up!

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