Berry Pickin’ 

I think there is one event most, if not all farm kids, look forward to every summer. It’s an event so tasty you think of it and watch it ripen and mature for weeks. That’s right, I’m talking about picking wild berries. 

While the varieties and colors may vary by region, the sensation is still the same. A sudden pop of sweetness that makes you want more. 

Our berry around here is big, plump blackberries. The right amount of sweet with just a hint of tart. My mouth is watering now just describing them. We’ve been so dry this summer our berries aren’t that big but they are still tasty. The weather has also led to very slow, like tortoise speed, ripening. 

Sunday night after it finally cooled off it was time to head out. We grabbed our buckets and headed to the patches. Our adventure started close to home as black berry bushes over took my raspberry patch last year. While it was a bummer when it happened, it’s still yummy.  


Then it was time to move on. When mowing the pasture our dry cows (very preggo ladies) live in, my husband made the discovery that the entire back fence line was berries. While the majority was ripe, there were still pickings to be had. 


Our berry crew patch hopped for over an hour. Maneuvering thru thorns, bugs and nosy cows. All in all we left with a couple pounds of wild tastiness. 

Now I need to find something to bake with all of them. The kids have suggested pie, ice cream topping and I found this recipe for black berry pie bars that looks pretty darn tasty! 


3 thoughts on “Berry Pickin’ 

  1. I can’t even begin to tell you how dry it is here. It has not rained here on the Island since the end of April and a few sprinkles in May. Nothing is growing (not even weeds) and even with regular watering our berries are small little buds no where near ripening. The farmers are taking a HUGE hit with these conditions. Our local farmers market usually has 50+ vendors and last week there were about 20. So hoping we get rain soon!

    Let me know how those bars are if you make them. They look fabulous!

    • Don’t they look good?!? I need to hit the store tomorrow and refill my butter stash before I make them. They only take 3 sticks 😂😂😂
      We finally had .7 inches Monday morning. That’s the most we’ve had in almost 2 months. Mother Nature needs to get her poop together! We have highs near 100 on Saturday and Sunday…

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