What I’ve Learned From a Cow

When you hear the word cow, wisdom and teaching aren’t the first two words that come to mind. Anyone involved in working cattle can tell you otherwise. Cows can teach you many important life lessons.


Cows are creatures of habit. Almost to a fault. Running 5 minutes late to milking? Don’t worry, they’ll be there ready to go. 



You aren’t going to make a 1,500 pound animal do anything she doesn’t want to do. Some days you just have to try, try and try again. 


So you black and white, brown, red and white, freckled? They don’t care. Everyone’s a herdmate.



Working with cows day in and day out can bring around many emotions in a person. They can have you mastering the art of colorful language one minute then wanting to give them all the scratches you can the next.  

Hard work

You won’t get any where in life if you don’t work hard. There’s nothing easy about dairy farming. But if you keep working eventually there’s light at the end of the tunnel. 

A Sense of Humor

Some days it all goes wrong and you just have to laugh.   



Some times if you want something you have to keep trying. Example: that one bite of hay…  


Have you ever tried to halter break a 5 year old cow? Given a much needed IV to a cranky sick cow? You might think you’re Superman until you tangle with a cow who doesn’t agree with you. 


These girls are with is for the long haul. It’s our job to take care of them, tend to their needs and make sure their well being is our primary goal. A big heart can go a long way.  

  Next time when you think of a cow, don’t think of a small minded animal. These ladies have a lesson or two to teach all of us. 

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