Splish Splash

The past week has been a HOT one. Temps up to the low 90’s and enough humidity to melt you. It’s been a real blast. A blast that felt like it came straight from the oven…

To beat the heat, my mom and I headed out with the kids to a local splash park. Best news, it’s free! 

The first and most important stop of the trip was Walmart for swim diapers (for Henry) and some spiffy shades for all of us. Who knew $4 sunglasses would look so good?

Water to run thru anyone? 

If that didn’t suit your fancy, this alligator sure hit it off with all 3 kids! 

 It’s easier to do push ups when you have a nice spray cooling you off! 


Some may have gotten in a water fight with themselves… 

They decided I was to dry so we had to stand under one of these randomly pouring buckets. Yes it was as cold as you think it was. 

 They were still hot so it was time to relax with a snow cone.

All in all it was a fun and tiring day. We were cooled off, we all survived and the kids made some new friends. 

Photo creds for some of these great shots to my mom! We had to tag team photos so we didn’t ruin any phones 😂

If you live in the area and want to partake in the fun, here is the splash park and info! 

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