Dear Comsumer, Thank You

I think one thing we as farmers don’t do enough is simply say thank you to you. The consumer who chooses to spend their money on our product. You could walk by the dairy section and not think twice. But you don’t. 

We rely on you to maintain our lifestyle. Simply put, with out you my family’s dairy farm would not exist. If we didn’t have you trusting the integrity of our product enough to buy it, we would be milking cows with no market to sell it to. Thanks to you and your choice to purchase dairy products my kids are able to enjoy growing up on a multi generational dairy just like I did. 

You have opened niche markets that were very limited just a few years ago. Artisanal products, organic and on farm processing plants exist because you made a demand for it. This has allowed more farmers to enter or stay in the market. 

More and more consumers want to “know their farmer.” By meeting you it helps us answer questions you have, while building a trusting and more understanding relationship on both sides. This isn’t always something that has existed. Thank you for helping us to open that door so we may better interact with you. 

Thank you for letting me do something I’m passionate about. While you think you may simply be buying a gallon of milk, a pound of cheese or a container of yogurt, you are enabling farmers like myself to continue our businesses. With each delicious and nutritious purchase you are helping an industry continue on. 

Dear consumer, thank you. 


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