Running The Kids

Tonight is a BIG night. Anniversary? Birthday? Letting the cows out for the first time this year? No. Tonight begins our park districts youth track season. I know, calm your horses. It is intense!

For the next 4 weeks you’ll find us camped out at our high school one or two nights a week. Track meets begin at 6 in the evening and generally run a few hours depending on how many kids are there. Running, throwing, jumping, these kids have a blast. 


Taylor insisted on only wearing his cowboy boots the first few meets last year.

With meets starting in the early evening we have to hustle to get the afternoon chores done and supper eaten before dashing out the door (get the track innuendo 😜) . While it may give one of the kids an advantage to be permeated with “au de le bovine” and no one wanting to run by them, we try to avoid this. We have gotten impressively fast at eating, cleaning up and heading out. 

So why go thru the rush? I mean the older part of the tribe is only 5 and 6. This can be chaotic for the chance at a medal or a ribbon they might not even remember winning in a few years. 

I want my kids to be involved. While the farm pretty much consumes our lives, I still want them to know there is more to life than the farm. They love being at the farm helping and dragging their calves around. But chances are, out of 3 kids we’ll be lucky if just one of them decides to stay. 


This girl loves to run hurdles!

We try to let them be involved as much as we can. We’re fortunate to live in an area that has immense amounts of activities for kids. From sports to 4-H to scouts, it’s covered. I want to them to be able to experience new things. 

Childhood is about making memories and friends. Learning new things and sharing experiences. I don’t want to let living on a farm get in the way of that. My parents let me be involved in pretty much any group I brought a sign up sheet home for. I want my kids to be as involved as I was. 

Will I feel tired and probably slightly frazzled tonight when I go from barn to track back to milk the girls one more time before bed? Most likely. Will track practice be fun and a way to kick back with my kiddos? Most definitely. So if you see a tired looking woman, wandering around with a big cup of coffee, crazy hair and enough perfume on to cover the “au de le Cow” up, don’t worry it’s just me.

2 thoughts on “Running The Kids

  1. I’ve always enjoyed the delightful undertones of a nice “eau du bovine” myself 😄
    It sounds like you’re creating great memories for the kids, they may not remember the ribbon but they’ll definitely remember the crazy mom trying to get everybody out the door!

  2. I love the shorts and boots look he has going there! I’m a new empty nester and actually miss those crazy days! Cherish it now, the house sure gets quiet! Thanks for sharing at country fair blog party!

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