Rest and Relaxation

Sometimes we just need to pause all the chaos in our lives and recharge our batteries. I enjoy my children, I am passionate about farming, but I also need some down time. Everyone does.

This week my husband and I were fortunate to be able to slip away for a few days to Hocking Hills. It is a beautiful, secluded state park in southern Ohio. We decided to hide out in one of the small cabins that dot the remote back roads.


Our secluded hideout.

After arriving Tuesday evening it was time to settle in, unpack and make sure the hot tub was up to par 😉 A relaxing soak was in order. Following the soak we drove in to Logan for dinner. BBQ was the decision and Millstone BBQ was the place to find it.


Brisket, pulled chicken, mac & Cheese plus tasty corn mufffins

The forecast called for rain all day Wednesday. The rain only briefly lasted over night. It was a bright, unseasonably warm morning. When I booked a cabin for the first week of February I wasn’t anticipating 65 degree weather! But when you get a great curve ball like this thrown your way, you take advantage of it. Hocking Hills in covered in trails that go past waterfalls, breath taking cliffs and immense rock formations. Even though our showers were brief the night before, they were heavy. All of the mud and standing water led to limited hiking. We made it to Old Man’s Cave, as well as upper and lower falls.


While it was warm, there was still plenty of ice cascading down the rocks.


One of the many water falls along the trails. It always amazes me how loud water can be!


A late lunch was grabbed on the road at Jack’s Steakhouse, then we began our adventures for the afternoon. First up was the Rocky Boots. This may have not been the wisest stop. I walked right in to a “rack shoe sale”… all the boots on racks were buy 1 get 1 free…umm and then I found some that were 75% off on top of it…5 pairs of boots later is was beyond time to leave (hey the kids got boots too!)


New boots, new boots!


Emma’s snazzy new footwear.

Wanting to be “out of the box” people we forgo touring the winery, although I have heard that it is great. Instead we headed to Hocking Hills Moonshine. They make their ‘shine with Ohio corn and spring water from their farm. Yum. The actual still is in the store so you can see the entire process, start to finish. To finish out the tour we had straight and flavored samples.


Leaving the “hills” with our own bottle of moonshine.

Taking advantage of this crazy weather, we grilled on the deck of our cabin for dinner. Yes, we grilled in February. To top it off we even ate on the deck! We seriously could not have asked for more splendid weather.


Our grill spread complete with T-Bone steaks, shrimp scampi, salad and bread. Yum!

Today we head home. I’ve enjoyed relaxing, but I am ready to see the tribe and our big, beautiful bovines. I’m a firm believer that everyone needs to push the pause button on life from time to time and get away. We may not have went far, but it was a great adventure!


I’m going to miss this peaceful view!

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