Mud Puppies

We have a monsoon season in Ohio. Sooner or later I’m going to need to find some blue prints for an ark. All this rain has made lots and lots of mud. It’s everywhere. What happens when you have 3 kids, waiting on their mom to finish chores as patiently as they can, when they are surrounded by mud? Bad things. I realized I had lost all control of the situation, gave up and busted out a camera.

image It started out innocently enough with a simple mud pie. Emma made a huge pie that Taylor promptly stomped in.


Then we started losing ground….

Our mud was not muddy enough so they had to add more water.


We we will conclude our mud pictures with this one. It sums it up well.


Before climbing in my car **shudder **, I shooed them in to the milk house. I had pretty much hose them down. They also found this hilarious. After getting home I made all 3 march their muddy little booties to the bath tub. After about 3 rounds of bath water and soap they looked like my kids again! Hopefully this rain slows down some time soon. I’m not sure I’m up to this on a regular basis.


2 thoughts on “Mud Puppies

  1. One thing I always have in my car are 2 black garbage bags. I will make the kids put them on over their feet and pulled up as high as they can go before sitting on my seats as there is something about mud that draws a farm boy/girl in like nothing else!!
    Very cute pictures!!

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