Gardening with the Tribe

The other afternoon I felt brave, real brave. One of those moments where you wonder if you’re temporarily insane brave.

Every summer I put out a sizeable garden. I use it to can, freeze and enjoy fresh produce in the summer. It’s that time of the year where we have been swamped at the farm.  My garden has, understandably, not been a top priority. After finally roping my husband in to tilling it this past weekend, Mother Nature decided we needed some rain. Ok we did need rain, but we had a tilled garden I was chomping at the bit to get in!

After a few rain free days, I could take it no longer. I headed out to plant the garden, tribe in tow. Yes you read that right. I had temporarily lost all cognitive thought.

We started by laying out all of our seeds and plants. I made the executive decision we were going to plant 2 long rows of sweet corn down the length of the garden. I used some hi-tech row markers, ok sticks, to have an attempt at straight lines. Ha ha ha….. Then the sweet corn was planted in rows. Rows about 3 seeds wide… I’m not sure how this is going to turn out. You may need to stay tuned for a sweet corn thinning how to. I went with the theory we were getting the most use out of our space.

Next we needed to dig holes to plant our peppers and tomatoes. Upon digging the first hole a slimy, what normal people call earthworms, was discovered. The tribal elders had to show Henry how to go slimy hunting.

The coveted slimy.

The coveted slimy.

Slimy found!!!

Slimy found!!!

After realizing how neat worms could be Henry had to check every hole. If there was a worm, he was going to find it! Determination is the way to find worms.

Yes, he literally shoved his head in all the holes.

Yes, he literally shoved his head in all the holes.

All the holes were dug and we were down to planting cabbages. By this time we were all hot, tired and Henry had started to realize he could yank plants out of the ground. That was a fun learning experience. With the placing of the cabbages we were done. We had survived!

Cabbages going in!

Cabbages going in!

Our rows may not be straight, our seeds may be plentifully planted, but we had fun! Here’s to a summer full of veggies and gardening 🙂

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