April Showers Bring May Flowers

After a soggy April, we’re finally getting some favorable gardening weather in May. I have yet to get any veggies in the ground (hopefully this week) but my flowers are beginning to bloom! Here’s a quick look thru of what I have blooming right now.

Iris Blooms

Iris BloomsΒ 

One of my favorite spring flowers are irises. Huge fragrant blooms are all around my front door. LOVE IT! I did do some rearranging in this bed recently. I added some dark purple Japanese irises as wells as yellow and purple dwarf irises.I can’t wait until next year when (hopefully) everyone blooms.

Ornamental Strawberries

Ornamental Strawberries

I bought a small group of ornamental strawberries at a perennial sale a few springs ago. They are a great ground cover. Kid proof, dog proof, you can’t kill them. Read in to this. They are prolific, they fill up a bed in no time. We’re talking border line invasive. BUT they have these cute little pink flowers that smell divine.



Heres my dirty gardening secret, my columbine is blooming beautifully. The bed it is in may have avoided my weeding touch thus far…shhhh… It adds beauty to it none the less! Some times kids, cows and life get in the way!

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem

I have been told that the Star of Bethlehem is considered a common lawn weed in some areas! Can you believe? I’m not quite sure where it came from in this bed. I did find some growing on a hillside in our yard, but no where close to this. I originally that the leaves were that of a crocus earlier this spring. It never bloomed with the others, than these white blooms popped up.

Lilly Of The Valley

Lilly Of The Valley

We have lived in my great grandparents house since we were married. Apparently either my great grandmother really liked Lilly of the valley or she was blessed with a knack at growing it because it’s everywhere. I don’t think there’s a bed that doesn’t have a bunch or two in it.

While I don’t do much field work, my flowers and garden are my #plant15 πŸ˜‰


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