Farm Mom Essential

It takes a lot to be a farm mom. We don’t get much sleep and we’re constantly multi tasking. Here is a brief list of farm mom essentials I compiled that help me survive my day!

1.) Coffee
image Between kids, cows and the critters the kids drag home you’re going to need a lot of caffeine to keep up with it all. 3 am baby feedings can roll into 4:30 am alarm clocks, then out the door you go in a sleepy haze. If not properly caffeinated you could be confusing milk replacer with formula, oops!

Its really not much different when ones farm kids get older. They don’t stop. I’m frequently multitasking wondering where they’re hiding or what they’re “innocently” getting in to.

2.) A Good Wash Machine


Dirt, poop and all the fixin’s are literally everywhere on a farm. I can remember my early farm mom days where I was concerned about keeping the little ones clean while I milked or did calf chores. Gone are those days my friends. They will get dirty, they will be smelly and there’s really nothing that will stop it. All you can do is bust out your trusty wash machine, some Shout and some Tide, cross your fingers and say a prayer. Word to the wise: play clothes.

3.) A Large Children’s Wardrobe


Layers are an essential part of the wardrobe to many farm kids in the winter. Take #3 here, I’m pretty sure no less than 4-6 adorned his body in this photo. A big wardrobe is also important because of our dear friends dirt and poop. You will need barn clothes and good clothes. Believe me, some stains do NOT come out even with half a bottle of Shout.

4.) A GPS


Now any reliable GPS, tracking collar, maybe In a pinch micro chip will do. Farm kids like to play, they become distracted, they wander. You find them sitting in skid loaders, hiding in calf hutches or corn fields. They will think they’re funny while you have a mild heart attack.

5.) A Large Heart


Now I’m not trying to be mushy here, but farm kids drag stuff home. We didn’t stop with a dog, or 4, and a cat in this house. We could give any good petting zoo a run for it’s money. Chickens, goats, horses, pigs and the occasional heifer have ended up in the barn at our house. The pigs and chickens provide food, the heifers become cows and give us milk to sell, these horses….1 became 2, which is ready to become 3 in a few months when 2 has a foal. Like I said petting zoo.

image 6.) A Camera

image Farm kids are full of antics. Ones they do on their own, ones fathers and grandfathers put them up to. You get the gist. Some times you need to catch an adorable snap shot here and there. It’s helpful to look at these on days they come in exceptionally clad in mud and poop or to keep as black mail for a later date.

7.) Tennis Shoes

We all know a good pair of boots are essential to tend to livestock. Occasionally us farm moms need a good pair of tennis shoes or sneakers. Like when kids think they’re funny and let calves out of pens, kids play with heifers and forget to close gates or your GPS gives out.


8.) A Strong Back


You have to carry the weight of many things being a farm mom. Feed sacks, buckets of grain and 10 month old babies who refused to be put down. All seriousness, if you’re an expecting farm mom buy a baby carrier and save yourself!

9.) Soap


This is perhaps one of the most essential, ranking right up there with the good washing machine. Also keep in mind enough sand and dirt on little feet will stain. The tribes feet generally have a tan hue about them all summer that I’m not 100% positive comes from the sun.

10.) Comfortable Pillows

After a hard day of playing and causing general chaos can wear any tiny farmer out. A good stack of pillows is a necessity at the end of a long day.



2 thoughts on “Farm Mom Essential

  1. Great post Jodi and I can so relate to it all!!

    One more is bruises…To this day people ask my kids how they get all the bruises on their legs. They have not seen them climb over every fence in the pastures rather than unhooking them to go in, climbing a tree to get down a play arrow shot into it, climbing the swing set like a jungle gym, playing in the loft making tunnels in the hay, etc. And their feet are that tan hue from early April until December when they are forced to wear shoes and socks due to the snow!!

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