When You Give A Boy A Calf

When you give a boy a calf, you teach him responsibility. He is responsible to help in the daily care of his calf. She must be fed, watered, comfortable and content. It is his job as her owner to give her all her little cow heart desires. If something goes wrong, the weight of the problem can fall on his little shoulders.

boycalf2When you give a boy a calf, you teach him work ethic. The calf doesn’t care if it’s raining, cold, or if he’s hungry. All she knows being a cow, is that he is her care taker. He feeds her twice a day, seven days a week. He gives her clean water and dry bedding. Christmas presents and Easter baskets may have to be put on hold so he can tend to his little lady. Giving him a calf teaches him that he must work hard and put the needs of others above himself.


When you give a boy a calf, you teach him discipline. He must work with her diligently so they preform as a team. She must be led even if he’s tired. She needs bathed when she’s dirty and she needs to be groomed to make her hair stay just so. Practice makes perfect and the show ring is no different.


When you give a boy a calf, you teach him compassion. He must learn to care for another living being. You attract more flies with sugar than with salt. Cows work the same way. A gentle, loving touch can be much more convincing than a harsh hand.


When you give a boy a calf, you teach him joy. Much happiness can come from a bovine best friend. Growing and learning together is something they will excel at. The boy has to learn what makes his calf happy. What does she like, what irritates her. The moment everything comes together both are happy. The joy brought about by a calf is not something that to many other things can surpass.


When you give a boy a calf, you teach him skills for the future. When he talks endlessly of joining an industry that can be challenging, his calf teaches him that there are rewards at the end of a long and hard day. There will be trials and there will be triumphs. There will be happy and sad days. But in the end he is happy because he is just a boy with his calf.



15 thoughts on “When You Give A Boy A Calf

  1. This is a wonderful post! My kids showed cows too. They learned so much too! Your little guy is so cute! I predict lots of blue ribbons in his future!

    • Thank you! Cows can be great teachers. I’m hoping he does well with her this winter. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the little guy so happy!

  2. this is the same for girls. Both my son and my daughter showed cows on a lease arrangement. Gret experience for all of us.

    • It’s amazing how much slack one can catch when they only write about their son 🙂
      My daughter shows too, I’ve always shown. The blog post was inspired by the purchase of his first calf last week. He is so in love with her!
      On my original share on my facebook page I commented girl was interchangeable. This post has gone crazy and been shared a few more times now and lost that 😉

    • Yes. They do peewee showmanship right now. I’m so happy he has a calf h will lead by himself. And he does like twice a day, on his own right now. Let’s hope the excitement continues!
      I love the blog share. I used to contribute all the time then got crazy busy! I remembered this month 😉

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  5. What a lucky boy! Country living, his own calf. Does it get any better!? I have taught Dairy Showmanship to many 4-H and FFA kids. So much fun to watch it all come together. I tell them, it’s a dance!

  6. And on the other end, it teaches him about life and death because one day ( hopefully long from this day) he will lose his calf and have to go on. I will never forget having to deal with my children having to deal with losing their babies. The kids survive, but there is always the memory. That too is a lesson.
    Loved your post!

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