A Week of Wiggles

This fall we made a trek to a near by goat auction. We were in search of a buck (billy/male) goat to breed our doe (nanny/girl) to. In true fashion of us, we bought a buck plus another doe. Now if you’ve never owned a goat before let me warn you. They’re kind of like chickens. As in only owning one won’t do!

The buck did his job and moved on to a new home. If you’ve ever encountered uncasterated male goat you know they aren’t really an animal you want hanging around. Talk about a stink! So we were back to our happy, non-stinky trio of goats.

A goat has a five month gestation period and we were eagerly anticipating baby goats (kids) from Donna and Jasmine early this spring when it was warmer. Wrong, wrong, wrong….

Miss Jasmine came to us as an “open” or not pregnant doe. Jasmine lies. While shutting up the barn one evening when temperatures were supposed to dip I bent down to rub Jasmines belly. She loves a good belly rub. During this evenings rub I made an interesting discovery. Our little Jasmine had developed quite the udder. Unknown to us she was bought with a baby on board.

Fast forward a few weeks. After many late night barn checks and much anticipation, Jasmine had Wiggles last Wednesday!

Wiggles first photo op!

Wiggles first photo op!

Now Wiggles is a big boy and he exhausted Jasmine when he went about his business of being born. She was unable to initially care for him.

Tom drying off Wiggles while I helped his mom recover.

Tom drying off Wiggles while I helped his mom recover.

Once he was dried he wasted NO time getting on his feet!

Up and at 'em!

Up and at ’em!

After a little doctoring and encouragement Jasmine was ready to feed Wiggles his colostrum.

I think he had the wrong end at first.

I think he had the wrong end at first.

The first few days we checked Wiggles and Jasmine every few hours to make sure both were doing well. Once Jasmine got her energy back she took to mothering very easily.

Two peas in a pod.

Two peas in a pod.

Our constant checking on these two led to several cute pictures. I mean seriously, what’s cuter than kids and kids?




I need to explain this next picture. One may wonder, why does this crazy lady not have socks on her baby in January, in Ohio? No, I have not lost it. Henry may have toddled in to some goat after birth… yea nasty. So we stripped his wet socks and snapped a quick picture before heading in. Farm kid problems. Let me tell ya!

Look at those little cheeser's!

Look at those kids cheesing for the camera!

So after a week of eating and growing we have one happy kid!

Mr. Sassy

Mr. Sassy

Oh, and he’s figured out how to attack the other kids…

What cuties!

What cuties!


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