The Top 5 Blog Posts for 2014

2014 is a year I’m not sad to see go. It was crazy, it was chaotic and frankly I’m glad it’s drawing to a close. In 2014 however, after much thought, I joined the blogging world on the last day of March. I’ve enjoyed it and am very glad I did. I also went off the deep end and started a Twitter account, Instagram account and Facebook page for Of Kids and Cows. Then I really dove in and joined a group called Ask the Farmers! Agvocating is challenging at times, but I can’t believe the wonderful group of people I’ve met.

With no further hold ups, here are my top 5 blog posts for the year. I hope you enjoy!

1) The Last 36 Hours

This was the first blog post I wrote while Emma was in ICU at Akron Children’s. The 15 or so blog post dealing with the kids being ill trumped anything else I wrote this year. The support of all of you was at times overwhelming (in a very good way) and appreciated more than any of you may realize. I’m just posting the link to the first blog post, but please feel free to go back read them all.

2) Sometimes Thank You Isn’t Enough

The support of our community thru Emma, Taylor and then my dad’s illness’s was incredible. We had such an out pouring of help. It makes me proud to be a member of our community and the ag industry. As the title says, some times saying thank you can feel so inadequate. But we are eternally thankful for these people helping us thru crisis.

3) Jamberry and A Farm Girl

On a lighter note, I was not anticipating the response this post received. Apparently I’m not the only lady involved in agriculture who wants to have some snazzy looking nails every now and then.

4)How We Get The Milk Out of Our Cows

We are a dairy farm after all. I thought a post explaining the milking process would better help my readers understand what it is I do daily. Click on the link to read how we milk our girls, complete with a video!

5) Skinny Cow

I wrote this post after posting a picture of one of our girls. Reba had a professional “photo shoot”. I posted her picture on several social media sites and a fellow ag blogger asked “She looks healthy and all, but why is she so skinny?”. So this post was my response.

See you in 2015!

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