A Birthday Cake for Jesus

Our kids have always associated Santa with Christmas. We have a count down of how many sleeps until he arrives, we go see him the various places he’s at during the holiday season and we have an elf that lives with us a few weeks out of the year who can report bad behavior to Santa Claus. However, we have made sure that our kids realize the religious aspect of Christmas as well.

Sometimes kids have an interesting perspective of things. Last year it was brought to my attention that we should make Jesus a birthday cake. What are you to tell a 4 year old who wants to celebrate  the true reason for Christmas? Of course you tell her yes! I mean it combines 2 things very worth celebrating during the Christmas season, 1)Jesus 2)the intake of an immense amount of goodies.

When this was suggested last year, it was on Christmas eve. A basic yellow cake with chocolate icing was constructed with the items we had on hand. I even had a few sprinkles laying around in the cupboard. It was a Christmas miracle I had enough baking items to make a cake. Thank goodness for Pinterest and the ability to comb thru recipes! There was nothing fancy about this cake but it served the purpose. Emma then had to tell everyone about the cake we made, everyone we encountered for the next week…She was so tickled about it. It’s amazing how happy a simple 9×13 cake can make someone.

This year we had brunch Christmas morning at our house. I didn’t think of including cake on our menu. Don’t worry, I had 2 kids who did. So this year I was a little more prepared. Which was good, because apparently Jesus had a specific way he needed his cake decorated. Strawberry cake, vanilla icing, red and green ‘Christmas’ icing to decorate and of course lots of sprinkles.

I went shopping one evening by myself to get everything I needed for brunch, complete with my specific list of baking items. As I was combing the baking aisle at our local Wal-Mart I kept crossing paths with 2 college age girls. We started making small talk. It came out what my baking ingredients for. They thought it was both comical and great that the tribe comprehended the meaning of Christmas like that.

Christmas Eve morning Emma, Taylor and I baked our cake. They decided we needed to do a layered cake, this way it could be placed on the cake stand that Emma supposedly did not get me for Christmas. After it cooled we put it on a large serving plate and gave it a good coating of vanilla icing, which may or may not have come from a can.

Early Christmas morning, while waiting for Tom to come home from the barn I used the cake as a distraction. We finished icing it to pass the time while waiting to open presents. Lots of red and green icing to decorate. Then came the sprinkles. Emma delicately sprinkled a few on, then it was Taylors turn. Let’s put it this way, three year old boys do nothing delicately. Nothing. He poured 3/4 of a bottle of sprinkles in to one massive mountain in the middle of the cake. We spread them around a little….

Our finished product! I may have forgotten to take a picture before the cake was actually cut... But check out those sprinkles!

Our finished product! I may have forgotten to take a picture before the cake was actually cut… But check out those sprinkles!

For brunch we placed the cake on a cake stand Emma so secretly hid from me until Christmas. Made it look much more professional. Do you have any slightly different holiday traditions?

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