I Live With a Real Life Buddy the Elf

I like Christmas as much as the next person. The paper, the presents, the hustle and bustle. Christmas Eve service is by far my favorite of all church services. It’s the energy and excitement, the anticipation! As an adult you can still feel the magic. When you’re a child the magic of Christmas may just well push you over the edge.

I live with one of these children on the brink of Christmas crazy. I love Emma and I love Christmas. However, Emma around Christmas time is enough to try the most patient of people. We’re talking monks would struggle with her.

Emma is a manipulative, bossy child. I say this lovingly. Her pre-school teacher used the term “natural leader” at parent teacher conferences last year. That is the nice way to say it. She wants things done her way. The kid will suggest something, you say no, she re-suggest and mentions a way it will benefit you.

Doesn't she look so sweet and innocent at her Christmas dance recital...

Doesn’t she look so sweet and innocent at her Christmas dance recital…

Example: “Can we pleeease wrap presents now?” It was almost 9 o’clock at night when she suggested this. I told her lets wait until morning. Her response “Can we pleeease wrap presents? If we do it now you’ll have more time to drink your coffee in the morning.” Seriously.

Today in a moment of wrapping paper and Scotch tape frenzy she nearly pushed me over the edge. I was ready to reach for the Baileys instead of the Coffeemate. I was politely informed that Christmas is only 3 sleeps away and she simply can’t control herself.

Our nativity display is rearranged daily in anticipation of the arrival of baby Jesus. It must look just right for when he arrives. She encountered a small problem when she accidentally dropped Mary. Do you know what kind of trauma it causes a 5 year old to decapitate the mother of our Savior? The next problem occurred when I had no craft glue on hand to re-attach her head. The good news is Mary has been mended in time for the arrival of her son.

Emma also spreads her love with her presents. She has the theory of “Go big or go home”. She had a hard time deciding between a new truck or a $700 rifle for her father. I was a scrooge because I said no to both. What’s wrong with me? I was informed he really wanted both…The good news is she was so excited while shopping for presents she behaved amazingly. Her brothers were also in great spirits. I don’t know if they were equally as excited or worried the Christmas dictator Queen of Christmas Spirit would retaliate if they interrupted her shopping.

One of our many visits with Santa this year, we seemed to find him everywhere. Here was a planned visit at the library (yes, I'm holding Taylor in place). Then we had a chance sighting in Walmart of all places.

One of our many visits with Santa this year, we seemed to find him everywhere. Here was a planned visit at the library (yes, I’m holding Taylor in place). Then we had a chance sighting in Walmart of all places.

Em has bit slightly obsessed with santa. We’re talking 2 visits, reading books, double checking her mother is going to make cookies in time and devising a plot to hide behind the tree on Christmas eve to see him. Things got a little shaky when this part was being done. I was pretty sure the tree was coming down… Then we had a chance encounter with him at Walmart of all places. If nothing else it brought home the fact that Santa is always watching you.

I have to give her credit. I’m awful at procrastinating. This year my shopping is already done, with 3 days to spare, partly in thanks to her. Almost all of my presents are wrapped that aren’t for the kids. AND I have a menu planned for Christmas morning brunch, complete with a strawberry birthday cake for Jesus (we started this odd tradition last year). I guess when you live with a pint sized Buddy you’re on the ball!

Emma brings the magic Christmas holds for a child front and center. While this isn’t a bad thing it can be overwhelming for Taylor, Henry and I. Notice I didn’t mention her father. Where do you think this overwhelming love of Christmas came from?


One thought on “I Live With a Real Life Buddy the Elf

  1. It’s the way it is with first born girls. My Chase is exactly the same way. In our house she is called the “warden”. She knows what everyone is doing, what they SHOULD be doing, how they should be doing it and when it needs to get done. If it’s not done the way the warden likes, the whole house is usually in turmoil until the Queen of the house removes her to her room lol. The great thing about this is when I am not home, she is the perfect fit to make sure everything is done to my standards with the animals, house, etc. If I need something done by her dad or grandma, I am always sure to tell her as she will make sure it’s done. That’s a real bonus for when Emma is older as she will be just like that 🙂

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