Jamberry and a Farm Girl…

I am one of those people who “attend” about every party I’m invited to on Facebook. I can do it from the luxury of my home, PJ’s and a cup of coffee right? Well this generally leads to my newsfeed being full of all kinds of tempting goodies I don’t buy because I’m a Facebook party window shopper. I’ve had this problem for a few years now.

One day I clicked that I would be “attending” a Jamberry party someone was having. I knew what Jamberry was, but had never attended on of these parties. My nails are normally short and some days rough looking at best. And how on Earth were my uncoordinated hands going to get these sticky wraps on by myself? So I window shopped a few more parties.

A particular party had a game, I answered a question and some how won. The prize was a free set of wraps. Great, now what was I going to do? I picked out the color I wanted, Fuzzy Grape, and messaged her back.

In the meantime, I was invited to another one of these parties. I thought I should probably buy another color because all purple sparkly nails is a touch wild for me. For the first time since the existence of Facebook parties and my creeper window shopping, I actually made a purchase! A nice sparkly beige to mute my purple. Now being a mom to the little fashionista I am, I knew I had to order a set of Jamberry Jrs as well or the chicken kid would not be pleased.

About a week later our purchases arrived. Now I was skeptical as to how these would hold up on the farm. I mean after all it’s a nail wrap that I’m just applying with a hairdryer. Honestly I was giving them a few days at best. They’re supposed to last 14. I, like any other person searching for a good demo, watched an application video on YouTube and slapped them on. To Emma. As my guinea pig.

Emma's nails with her cute hearts and unicorns pattern.

Emma’s nails with her cute hearts and unicorns pattern.

After this going fairly well I decided it was time to do my own. I hurriedly slapped them on while watching the YouTube video again. I went to the barn not thinking anything about my nails. By the time I was done milking over half of the wraps had fallen off. Feeling defeated I removed the survivors and figured I would try again later.

A few days later I had some time to try again. I watched a different video. This one from Jamberry. The first video I watched left out the step of applying rubbing alcohol or nail primer. Note to all newbies, follow the Jamberry videos. After watching this new video, my nails looked lovely. All shiny and wrapped!

Wraps on!

Wraps on!

I really wasn’t convinced yet that these were going to last all 14 days. But figured I would give it a go.

Day 7

Day 7

All was going well one week in. Nothing had fallen off, no tears or chips and only very small growth underneath. I was starting to think that these just might work.

Dirty hands

Dirty hands

Above is a shot of some of the abuse they with held… Still pretty pretty with cow poo on them!

Day 14

Day 14

I couldn’t believe they lasted all 14 days. I even broke down and trimmed my nails around day 10 because I absolutely can’t stand long fingernails. I wasn’t sure if this was allowed or not, but I could take no more! My wraps were still on. Mildly frayed on a few fingers and some obvious growth underneath.

In 2 weeks time these wraps handled a LOT! Milking cows, inevitable cow poop on them, pulling calves, treating sick animals, brushing and bathing horses, feeding calves and cows and dealing with chickens. Seriously, I gave them a good test.

After our 14 day run was over, I removed the wraps and my nails were as good as new!

Back to my stumpy, plain nails!

Back to my stumpy, plain nails!

How do you get your hands on some of these tough little wraps you may be asking? Here’s my Jamberry consultants info!

Jen Rahde can be found on

Facebook www.facebook.com/jrahdejamberrynails


Her Jamberry website http://jrahde.jamberrynails.net/?ref=jrahde




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