Nice and Quiet

My house is quiet. Oddly quiet. Now this isn’t a bad thing by any means. These four walls normally contain chaos and craziness. So this little break is refreshing, just not what I’m used to.

The tribe has flown the coop. They left yesterday morning to go with my husbands mom. They eagerly packed their bags, except Henry who currently loves to pull clothes out of everything (baskets, bags, the dryer), and literally ran out the door when her car pulled in. Talk about feeling loved. The poor woman barely had time to put her car in park before they were throwing in bags, blankets, bikes and car seats. They gave me hugs and kisses then impatiently waited while her and I talked. You could hear shouts of “Gram, lets GO!” coming from inside the car.

They left and I felt a little relived. Truth be told mommy needs a break. I could easily work 45-50 hour weeks when I had no kids. Even after I had one or two, it was rough, but feasible. I’m drowning these days. A slow murky drowning of kids, dirty dishes, cows needing milked, laundry and living room floor in desperate need of vacuuming. And the thing is I know I’ll put my floaties on and survive, but at times it seems over whelming. So my husband kindly offered to see if his mom wanted the kids over night. A little relief. Now at least I have no one yelling at me to fulfill all their whims.

The first thing I did while childless was go to work. I know, I live a life on the edge! I was scraping paint in the milk house so it could be repainted and made all spiffy. Then we had a nice lunch. All the guys are working on filling bags of corn silage. We don’t have enough silo space so we use large plastic tubes, called bags, to store the extra silage we need. Some days it’s nice to enjoy a meal with no one asking you to constantly get them things, using you for a napkin, something being spilled…. Then it was time to head down and milk the ladies again. I’ve been milking nearly every afternoon. Normally the kids are good about playing in front of the parlor or sticking with an adult, but once again it was nice not to constantly think about what they were doing, wondering if I needed to hunt them down. Henry is teething again, so he’s not been so pleasant the past week while he’s been holding down his “office chair” in the parlor.

Excersaucer, office chair, it's all the same when you're 10 months old.

Excersaucer, office chair, it’s all the same when you’re 10 months old.

I decided when I was done milking that I would go ride with Tom while he chopped. He’s been living on a tractor lately so this is as close to a date as I was going to get. While some might think of this as boring, good conversation can be had while riding in a buddy seat! Mainly this was conversation not being interrupted by tiny, cute, high pitched voices!

The glory of the night was after I left the farm. The guys were unloading the last few loads of silage in to the bag so I went home. I took a hot bath with no, I repeat NO, interruptions. A-MAZING! No one stole the soap, no one ran off with my towel while laughing hysterically…. I love the tribe, I really do, but they can be some of the most trying little people.

I used my smart phone and car to secure supper for us. I picked up a pizza. I know, wild splurge for a “date night”. We chowed on pizza while catching up on our favorite weekly TV shows. It was a good thing we were up to the challenge of holding down the couch. Hey, everyone needs a good veg session here and there!

I got up this morning after an uninterrupted nights sleep, drank a hot, not luke warm, cup of coffee and pondered how it’s only going to take me 15 minutes to get ready for church instead of the normal marathon it can be. It’s kind of a nice feeling.

So I haven’t done much productive, but I do feel refreshed. Some times that is all we need to get thru the upcoming week. A good break from our normal routine. The tribe’s coming back this afternoon. Then I’ll get to hear, in their squeaky, high pitched little voices, all of their adventures with Gram. Henry will catch up on the cuddles and snuggles he missed from his mommy in the last 24 hours. And it will be divine!


2 thoughts on “Nice and Quiet

    • I feel like my day was unproductive, but it felt so good to just relax! I think I actually got to listen to all the sermon at church for the first time in 5 years lol.

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