Sometimes Thank You Isn’t Enough

As many of you know, my dad is currently suffering encephalitis. Last Friday he was moved to a larger hospital in Akron after suffering from a grand mal seizure while they were weaning him off of his sedation. The doctors were concerned he was potentially having these seizures and they were missing them due to the heavy sedation he was under. They were doing periodic EEG’s, but if you aren’t having a seizure during the test, it won’t tell you if one has taken place.

The good news is after that scary incident and a few days at the larger hospital, Dad is now awake and coherent. While he is mildly confused from time to time, he is responsive and has his wits about him. These are all things to be VERY thankful for. The worse part about viral encephalitis is it is just like any virus in the fact that you can only do supportive care. While care didn’t change from hospital to hospital, enough time had elapsed to allow for some healing and thus the waking up.

While all of this was going on with Dad, Tom and I have been tending the farm. I have a good reason for my lack of blogging, I’ve been running around like a crazy woman (more than usual)! Our biggest task at hand was almost 100 acres of hay that needed to be chopped for haylage to feed the milk cows. We had four of us at the time doing everyday chores. Only 2 of us, not I, drive tractors. Only 1 of us has unloaded haylage before and this was also the only person who knew how to operate the tractor and chopper. If you haven’t noticed, we had encountered a dilemma.

Our next problem came when Tom went thru the haybine to make sure it was ready to go. It wasn’t that would have been to easy. It was broken bad enough it had to be sent off to be fixed. So now we had to tell my already stressed mom that the haybine was broken…

Tom and I were telling our pastor all of this one day while sitting in the ICU waiting room. The following day a fellow church member and neighboring dairy farmer called Tom and informed him that he would be there to help him chop. He didn’t ask, being a wise man, knowing that Tom would probably beat around the bush about accepting help. He just informed him he would be there. Some how he also miraculously knew that our haybine was broken and said he would be bringing his. He also lined up another

By the next day a whole team of men from our church had been assembled and a rough timeline of when this was all going to happen was laid out. I have to say while it was greatly appreciated, acts of kindness like this can be completely overwhelming and humbling.

Tom ran around for a day making sure everything, and I mean everything, was ready to go in efforts of avoiding any delays from our equipment not being ready. Tractors were fueled, the chopper was prepped, the blower on the silo was went thru and all of our silage wagons were out and ready to go.

Sunday night they began mowing hay and by mid-morning Wednesday everything was chopped and in the silo. Our silo was literally filled with the last load of haylage being the last load that would fit.

One of the fields being mowed.

One of the fields being mowed.

Chopping the haylage for feed.

Chopping the haylage for feed.

We can’t begin to thank all of these guys enough. The time, labor and use of their equipment was the only way we were able to get this done as quickly and as easily as we were.

I some how having a feeling a certain woman put them up to this and she deserves a huge thanks as well. Having a farming background herself she knew how detrimental it was that our feed was made and how hard it would be to do with our limited people. Our pastor is an amazing woman in her own right. Coincidentally (maybe not?) her name is Angel.


6 thoughts on “Sometimes Thank You Isn’t Enough

  1. Such a blessing to be a member of a warm loving church family!! Being a very small farm, who relies on that hay for our winter feedings, I can only imagine how stressful it was on all of you to get this done. These men are a true blessing!!

  2. I’m so pleased that you were able to get the help that you ended up needing!

    Sometimes, thank you is enough. Sometimes, thank you is more than enough. I’m sure that all of those church folk know that if they need help you’ll be there to do what you can too.

  3. It’s an amazing feeling to be in the middle of a crisis and have folks step in and “just do it”. Such a blessing! I’m sure you feel like a huge weight has been lifted with that big job out of the way.

    …and THANK YOU is more than enough for them, I am sure. That’s just what friends and neighbors do. One day you will have the opportunity to “pay it forward”.

    You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear some encouraging news about your dad.

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