Birthday Party Madness

It’s hard for me to believe that we just had Emma’s 5th birthday party! She won’t be 5 until Thursday, but Sunday was party day. We sent out invitations to all of our family plus the whole little girl troop she belongs to in pre-school. This was the first time she had come in contact with the whole troop since she was sick. I think she was a little nervous about that. Emma made it very aware in the morning before the party that she was worried about all the people. She asked me what she should do if she became scared. So her and I decided that she could just slip in to the house and watch cartoons, as the party was outside. To my knowledge she never did!

We had to run a few errands in the morning to get gate hinges for the new horse stall. The kids were beyond puzzled as to why their dad had built a brand new stall for Jack that he wasn’t allowed in. Taylor was determined, and I think he would have if we took our eye off him, to move Jack in to his new pen. One thing you have to give all of our kids, Taylor especially, is they stick to their guns. If that’s what they want to do, good luck convincing them otherwise. This can be both endearing and highly frustrating depending on the day.

We had made out with my mom to watch the kids in the afternoon so we could finish cleaning and preparing for the party, as well as pick up the oh so important birthday present. It was kind of a hard one to sneak in with out the kids seeing. So Tom and I went about finishing things, then off we went to get the BIG present!

Cami patiently waiting for the birthday girl!

Cami patiently waiting for the birthday girl!

The above palomino is the BIG present. For those of you who don’t follow me on a regular basis, this has been Emma’s request since about April. She wanted a palomino mare and a tea set. Well she got one but not the other. I think we picked the more desired choice to her!

We purchased Cami the morning of July 17th. Wow, how weird of me to remember a date we bought a horse right? We were on our way to the bank to get the cash to pay for Cami when Emma had her seizure and this whole fiasco began. When they told us Emma could have possibly memory loss from her seizure all I was thinking was please remember you wanted a palomino mare for your birthday! Don’t worry she did and told the one nurse ALL about it.

Finally 6 o’clock arrived and it was party time! Em was so excited to see all her friends from school. She immediately wanted to go show them Rainbow, her peewee showmanship calf. This was not a good idea because the horses live in the same barn and unbeknownst to her a palomino was eagerly waiting for her!

Emma and Rainbow. She has put a lot of hours in to that little calf!

Emma and Rainbow. She has put a lot of hours in to that little calf!

Tom chased her down to stop her and this made her beyond mad! Well in the mean time, our sweet little Taylor happened to see what was in the barn and about peed himself. Tom thankfully got him quiet soon enough before he just blurted it out. He came up to me whispering, “Mom, I have a secret. There’s a palomino in that barn!!”. Emma’s emotional instability came out and we had a little, ok moderate sized tantrum. So Tom and I had a parent pow-wow and decided to give the palomino then and there. Emma went from crying to hysterically laughing in seconds. Sadly I have no video because I was trying to console her while Tom got Cami out of the barn. Don’t worry, she didn’t waste much time to get on!

Our little bareback cow girl!

Our little bareback cow girl!

Cami was definitely the star of the show for quite some time! Emma’s little friends sat on her and I’m not sure who liked it more, them or Cami. Jack is a good boy but isn’t a “lovey dovey” horse. If you show up to feed him he’s happy. He really has little use for us other than food in his mind I think. I have a feeling some one else is not that way at all…

The party quieted down and we went about eating, opening gifts and having cake. All the little girls handed Emma gifts and helped open them. It was adorable! However, they descended upon these gifts like they all have been with my crazy tribe and cards went everywhere. I honestly am not sure who got Emma what… oh, well they had a blast! If you could have only heard the giggles!

Then it was cake time, some more play and then the party dispersed. It was a wild and crazy time! The kids had a blast hanging out in our barn and seeing all the animals. Taylor gave everyone a grand tour of our barn. From what I hear it was quite the thing to behold!

Emma's birthday cake. The kid has good taste, only Dairy Queen would do for that girl!

Emma’s birthday cake. The kid has good taste, only Dairy Queen would do for that girl!


The troop of girls from school. I think they're thicker than thieves but oh so adorable!

The troop of girls from school. I think they’re thicker than thieves but oh so adorable!

Emma was done with the party by the time everyone had left. All the people and excitement had her a little more overwhelmed than she wanted to admit I think. Her and I realized we never made s’mores during the party, which are her favorite sweet by far. If you’ve encountered this kids sweet tooth, that’s saying something! So we made a little impromptu fire and cooked some s’mores before going in for the night.

This morning she woke up around 7, came down stairs put her boots on and headed right out, in pouring rain, to the barn. Hopefully it stops raining tonight so she can ride sometime tomorrow!

This was the 3rd shot of this. She had to be standing just right for a photo op....

This was the 3rd shot of this. She had to be standing just right for a photo op….

A medical fund has been set up to help defray the kids medical expenses. It can be found at

To read about their journey with Lacrosse Encephalitis, it begins here:

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5 thoughts on “Birthday Party Madness

    • We bought Taylor his pony this spring. It didn’t take Emma long to start putting in a request! I really don’t think she thought she would get one. She was very specific, palomino and a mare. She doesn’t know Cami had a “date” with a stud before she came home.

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