Today Was A Good Day

Overall, today was a good day. It was our day off, yes we are farmers who try to get those. It began early with Emma getting up with the sun again. She’s been waking up between 5 and 6. This could normally be deterred by turning on cartoons and we all drift back to sleep. Well since our little medical episode she is so loud. Unintentional, but all the same, very loud. So by the time she snuggles in to bed literally the whole house is awake. Some don’t go back to sleep as easily as others. I put off getting our of bed until 7. Then we had reached the point of no return.

For some reason this morning getting her medicine in her was a battle again. It involved a full out tantrum and her going as far as to throw a glass of water. After forcing her to take it, she yelled at us a little more but eventually calmed down. We had our normal Sunday morning off scrounge for breakfast. This normally consist of  a wide assortment of leftovers. It’s great for 2 purposes. It cleans out our fridge and I don’t have to cook. Tom had to run over to the farm to help my dad with a busted water line in our dry cow barn. I hear it was a nice mess. So thankfully my mom stopped for a few minutes. I was rather frazzled after our morning tantrum and some back up was nice. She even loaded my dishwasher for me! I’m pretty sure we were fresh out of clean plates.

When Tom came home he took the kids outside to help him feed our assortment of animals. Emma and Taylor even gave Rainbow a bath! It’s so nice to see them getting back to their normal activities! This is the first day we’ve even really gotten Emma outside. For some reason she has wanted to stay indoors. It was so nice to see her get out and move.

Scrub a dub dub, Rainbow in the "tub".

Scrub a dub dub, Rainbow in the “tub”.

I enjoyed my nap while all this was going on. We had to run to town quick and get a bag of feed for Jack and the goats. The elder tribe members wanted McDonalds for lunch. So we stopped. I think we have become the biggest push overs in parenting known to man these days! Hopefully the kids don’t catch on to this.

After getting back from town Emma, Henry and I headed to our weed patch, I mean garden…. It is pretty hazardous right now. But the good news is we found some green beans to pick! Emma was a pro at picking last year. Though not as fast today she still picked almost a whole row on her own.

A bucket of green beans.

A bucket of green beans.

While we were scavenging thru the weeds in the garden we found this nice little fella amongst the weeds.

Our praying mantis. Sadly I wasn't that close, my weeds are really that big!

Our praying mantis. Sadly I wasn’t that close, my weeds are really that big!

A break was definitely in order after working in the garden. We headed up to our barn to hitch our favorite chubby pony. Poor Jack hasn’t been worked in almost a month with all the kids being sick. To say he was ready to go would be an understatement. While the tribe and I waited for Tom to hitch Jack, our little Henry ran in to a small problem.

"Help I'm circled!"

“Help I’m circled!”

"Hello is anyone else seeing this?"

“Hello is anyone else seeing this?”

Thankfully it didn’t take to much to hitch an anxious Jack and we were off for a long ride. After a ride that lasted over an hour we made it back home. Jack didn’t need to be told to turn in the drive to the barn, he willing turned on to the lane all on his own. I think almost a months rest has left some pony a tad out of shape!

This is the face of a pony who just came to terms with how out of shape he is.

This is the face of a pony who just came to terms with how out of shape he is.

By this point in time we had been outside quite awhile. Emma started to complain of a headache and grew irritable very quickly. I headed in with her and Henry. I wandered my kitchen trying to decide what to make for supper. Tonight was honestly the first night I have cooked in over 3 weeks. Between hospital food and the awesome women we attend church with, my culinary skill have gone unused. After settling on green beans with bacon and potatoes and some sweet corn I had helpers wander in.

My bean snippers

My bean snippers

Not to shabby looking for my long break!

Not to shabby looking for my long break!

The boys took baths after dinner. The littlest tribesman had potatoes and corn covering 2/3 of his face, he is too little to argue with me about personal hygiene. The next one needs wrote down somewhere, Taylor VOLUNTEERED to bathe. This has never happened before. Emma started to get anxious after dinner again so I didn’t push my luck. Evening medicine was a battle with her, but she did eventually take it on her own. I’m so glad Taylor willingly takes his!

Things calmed down and I began to tidy up the kitchen. This included taking a few scraps to our resident juvies. One decided it was a great idea to see what the house had to offer. Thankfully I got her cut off in time. There’s currently an ongoing joke with another agvocate and I that the chickens just want to come in and watch Frozen. Let me tell ya, this was the closest one!

This is a determined little bird.

This is a determined little bird.

I’m kicking around starting an Of Kids and Cows Facebook page, so be on the look out! Nothing like being able to see more of the craziness around this farm!

A fund has been setup to help defray some of the kids medical expenses. It can be found here:



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