I Feel Like I Need To Explain

I need to write this post because Emma cannot. When Emma suffered from lengthy seizures caused by her LaCrosse encephalitis it caused damage on both sides of her brain, more on the left side than the right side. She thankfully didn’t lose many motor skills but she becomes confused easily and has a hard time processing things.

Dealing with Emma on a daily basis is difficult. I know she’ll get better and I know she can’t help it. However this does not make it any less frustrating to deal with. To go from a happy bubbly almost 5 year old to a kid trying to deal with this messy hand she was suddenly dealt is scary for her. She often lashes out because she doesn’t know what else to do.

When asking Emma questions she often doesn’t answer. I think she’s having problems processing things, mainly options and choices presented to her. We don’t have an appointment with the neurologist for 10 more days, this gives me lots of time to compile a list of questions. I’m definitely getting more the longer we are all home.

If faced with stress right now she either shuts down or enters a massive tantrum comparable to that of a toddler. Normally during this time she doesn’t want touched and eventually falls asleep. We had one of these episodes over taking her medicine this morning. It started innocently enough. Her and Taylor are on the same medicines, an anti seizure medicine and vitamin B-6 to help heal their brains and limit irritability. Taylor gets his vitamin in the morning while Emma gets hers in the evening. I brought his in to the living room in a medicine cup and Emma’s in the syringe. The plan was to let Taylor drink his, then squirt Emma’s into the cup for her to drink. She saw the syringe and went in to a tizzy. This lasted for an hour of yelling, kicking and screaming before she some what calmed down.

Emma also isn’t talking to that many people right now. She acts very backwards around adults, wether she knows you or not. Her normal “bubble” she has of not wanting touched has grown. Her pediatrician said this is most likely from the massive headaches she is still suffering from. These can last for months yet.

I’m writing this now because lots of you will come in contact with her soon. Between her birthday party and hopefully a stop or two at the up coming county fairs, which she loves. I want people to be aware of what exactly she’s dealing with. These aren’t tantrums because she isn’t getting her way, they’re tantrums she can’t help. So please if you see Emma while she’s out and about be patient, she means well. It will come eventually but she has a long road. Unfortunately she was hit much harder than Taylor and has a lot more to deal with. They say it takes a village to raise a child, I believe right now this is hitting home more than ever.

I don’t want people to get the wrong impression by this post and be hesitant to approach her. She is happy Emma 70% of the time. But if you see her having problems I want you to know why. Please give her the time, patience and understanding she needs.

A fund has been set up to help defray some of the medical costs from the kids being sick, it can be found at http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/mcdonnell-family-medical-expense-fund/209427


7 thoughts on “I Feel Like I Need To Explain

    • I’m sure she will, she was telling my parents how she really wanted a palomino but she was pretty sure she was just getting a tea set. Cami (the palomino) is actually living with a girl who milks for us right now. She’s a horse major at the OSU branch by us. She’s giving her a nice refresher so she’s all ready to go!

  1. Oh Jodi, I feel for you.
    I know this is really hard for you, for Emma and the rest of the tribe. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything anyone can say or do that will make it “all better”. (and you don’t know how I wish I could) It will get better eventually. Hold tight to that and hold tight to Emma.
    You’re in my prayers.

  2. Oh Jodi! So sorry. Prayers continue for you and your sweet family! Praying for patience and healing! Kids are tough! I’m sure she will be her spunky self in no time!

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