Today’s Update 7/26

I’m laying here with a little boy who is refusing to sleep and it’s one thing I’m feeling like I desperately need tonight! Today has been fairly well. I’ve spent part of it at home and part at the hospital. It felt nice to be at home, but I felt bad not being with Taylor.

This morning I woke up early. I think Henry wanted to soak every minute up of me being home and decided to get up very early. We’re talking like 5:45. Em was up around 6:30. We grazed thru breakfast eating fruit, yogurt, meatballs, brownies. It was quite an assortment!

We ventured out for the crazy chicken kid to feed her birds. They’re still wandering around our yard. This taste of freedom is going to end soon because poor little Bella is going crazy tied up. But if she were loose she’d be feasting on some birds. So we fed the whole mess of “critters” as Emma calls them.

We heard from Tom. Taylor was doing well, didn’t sleep much but acting well. There was talk of home soon. We briefly had our hopes up it was going to be tonight, but no such luck. Taylor blew out an IV over night and they had to rerun one.

Emma, Henry and I had some errands to run this morning. So we went to town then met my mom to head to our local hospital to have Emma’s LAST PICC treatment and to have it removed. She fussed for part of it but overall didn’t do bad. She was too busy trying to convince the nurse she wanted to keep it, so she didn’t have to have it pulled out, to notice that the nurse had removed it. We fine dined on Wendy’s to celebrate its removal.

My mom headed home with the kids and I made the trek about to Akron. Once I got here Taylor was in a good mood and ready to play. He was more than happy that I brought up part of his infamous farm set. He even had to feed his cows crackers…

My parents wanted to give him a gift so I scoured the gift shop to find a big Mike Warswaski doll and a pony balloon that ironically looked a lot like Jack. He’s currently “stalled” beside the bed.



We all ate supper together before Tom headed home to be with the remaining tribe members. We had chicken parm that wasn’t too shabby for hospital food. I haven’t decided if the food here is good or if my taste buds are slowly dying. Taylor had the unique combo of an egg sandwich and Mac and cheese. The kid could live on egg sandwiches.

Tom headed home and we are trying to go to sleep. So far we’ve watched Monsters,Inc and a lot of Phineas and Ferb.

Hopefully we are heading home tomorrow. Taylor is down to one IV antibiotic and his 2 oral meds he is going home on. His veins are a mess from all the antibiotics and he’s blowing IV’s regularly. His little hands and feet are swollen from being poked and having popped veins. I’m not sure how many more IV’s we can hold him for.

Please continue to show Taylor the same love you did with his sister. He is in room #7206

To send an ecard you can go to:

A fund has been set up to help defray some of the medical expenses we have encountered. It can be found here:

Thank you all for your continued support, love and prayers. Words can not describe how much it means to us.


One thought on “Today’s Update 7/26

  1. I love to hear Emma is back to normal things like feeding chickens! I’m so glad you have great family and friends to help you. I hope you are all home and healthy soon. Prayers!

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