Update 7/25 (a little late)

I came home from the hospital last night, leaving the boys to have a slumber party. I may have come home, eaten supper (that did not come from a cafeteria!), took a hot shower, drank a beer or 2, may have eaten a few to many delicious brownies someone dropped off and collapsed on the couch. So yesterdays full update is a little late! But I’m feeling much more refreshed!

Taylor had somewhat of a rough day yesterday. He woke up half way thru the night with a high (104) temp. He hasn’t ran one this high since becoming ill. So they had to do a blood draw because it shot up so quick. This wahs fun…. Apparently Taylor has horrible veins. The poor little guy was stuck 4 times, in 4 different places before they got enough blood out of him. I’m pretty sure we were all traumatized when it was done.

Then he had a hard time going back to sleep, I don’t blame him. Well the hospital had him in a crib for some reason. The poor guy is so big he about took the whole thing up. He’s also a kid who ends up in bed with Tom and I about 90% of nights. We’re to the point we just leave him, he’s very determined. Tom asked one nurse about getting a regular bed for him and she said no that he was in a crib for safety reasons. So we cuddled on the incredibly uncomfortable chair. I asked the next nurse when she came in to fix a beeping IV stand (it’s all IV monitors do is beep) and was informed he had a bed. Taylor had to pee a few minutes later and the charge nurse came in. I simply asked for the third time and it was a charm. Success! A bed with little effort. Tom cuddled him in bed and he was out in seconds. It may have been 5:30 am, but we finally got to go to bed.

His day nurse woke me up a little after 8 to tell me of his MRI plans. He was going to be sedated fairly well and intubated for his MRI. Emma was not sedated very heavily for hers because she was still very out of it at this stage. Taylor is very awake and with it, which is awesome! So they knocked the little fella out and hooked him to the ventilator. I don’t care that it was an elective intubation, seeing your kid hooked to a ventilator is unnerving. While he was taking a nap, as we told him, they started a second IV in case his first one went bad.

They wheeled the little fella away. Tom and I took the opportunity to go down to the cafeteria and have lunch. He was gone for a little over an hour for his MRI. When he came back he woke up fairly quickly, they removed the tube and he informed us it was a bad nap. By this point in time we started running in to doctors who had examined Emma. I have never seen such an honestly sympathetic and concerned group. At that point in time Emma’s labs were still not growing anything. After Taylor had been awake about half an hour he was allowed to have something to drink. We tried to convince him to have a few sips of water, but the kid was bent on chocolate milk. So he got some. After this past week we’ve become parents who are easily persuaded by their kids.

After becoming fairly coherent, Taylor was moved up to the 7th floor. His nurse was very friendly. Because he was drinking and hungry she began unhooking his IV’s. This made him a happy boy. He still has the ports in his arm because he has to be hooked up for his medicines yet. They restarted him on the antibiotic he was allergic to, but now his drip last 2 hours instead of 45 minutes and they are giving him Benadryl a half hour before hand. So far no ill side effects. His nurse was even nice enough to let his heart monitors be unhooked awhile so he could cuddle on the couch with Tom. Like I said, the kid is a cuddler.

His floor doctor came in, who was coincidentally Emma’s, and talked to us quite a while. He was more concerned with Tom and I’s mental status I think than anything else. He also had some news, as of that afternoon Emma’s cultures finally grew something! Her meningitis was caused by Lacrosse Encephalitis. It is a mosquito born illness that came from a bite. They believe Taylor has the same thing. They also think that this is what Henry had minus the seizures. I would love to hunt down the ER doctor at our local hospital who acted like I was crazy for suggesting it was Henrys mosquito bites that made him so sick! But I digress….The floor doctor also said 2 kids in one house having this is unheard of. Tom and I are considering playing the lottery.

I left while they were curled up on the couch. I felt bad leaving Taylor. He was with Tom and they had big plans of cookies and cartoons that evening. But still I didn’t feel right coming home. Once home though, it felt great. I hadn’t been home for more than an hour in 8 days. It was so nice to eat food that had not been mass produced. Don’t get me wrong, Akron Children’s cafeteria is not bad by any means, but cafeteria food has it’s own taste. Emma had a roller coaster day mood wise. She pretty well crashed in to a tantrum not long after I came home. We just left her go, because it’s about all you can do. She fell asleep and we had to wake her up to take her medicine. While it didn’t go great, we did get it in her. I calmed her down by turning on the Little Mermaid and she fell asleep.

Emma had her follow up with a pediatrician at the doctors office we go to. She has to go back this coming week when Taylor has his follow up to make sure she’s progressing. I was worried with all that went on, her bouts of confusion and tantrums that she may not remember what she wanted for her birthday. Fear not, as I’m typing this I’m listening to her tell me stories about “golden palominos”. Whew… I was worried we had acquired a horse that she wouldn’t remember she wanted!

Yesterday was a mind blowing day for Tom and I. We were approached by a fellow Agvocate (I promise some day hopefully soon my blog will go back to farm life!) who wanted to do a fundraiser for us. At first I was a little taken back.  I had never met this woman who lived the whole way across the country from me. I had read her blog for a long time, followed her on Facebook and we are friends on Facebook. But she really had no reason to be so concerned. I sat there and thought for awhile and came to this conclusion: is this not what we are here for? To help others in need. As an agriculture industry we have to look out for one another and lend a helping hand. She doesn’t live close enough to bring meals or offer a shoulder to cry on, so this was her way of helping. Here is a link to the fundraising website she so generously created. After you visit it, visit The Farmers Wifee on Facebook or her blog (www.thefarmerswifee.com) and show Krista some love. She’s an amazing woman.

To find the fundraising page click here: https://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/mcdonnell-family-medical-expense-fund/209427

Please continue to show Taylor the love you poured on Emma. You can send him an e-card by following this link:https://www.akronchildrens.org/cms/get_well_ecard/mobile_index.html

If you would like to send him a gift his room number is 7206

Thank you all for your support. Yesterday it was truly overwhelming, in the best since of the word.



3 thoughts on “Update 7/25 (a little late)

  1. Wow Jodi! I’m amazed at how strong you have been. Hang in there it won’t be long your little cowboy and cowgirl will be riding along together! Happy & Healthy! Prayers still going up for your sweet family!

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