Today’s Update 7/24

I realize I posted this morning too, but I’m going to update on several of Taylor’s tests he’s had today.

His CT results were back. They should some swelling but nothing out of the ordinary for his seizures and meningitis.

Late morning Taylor had an EEG. He slept thru most of it, as he’s slept most of the day. This has let Tom and I catch up on some rest. We didn’t hear his EEG results right away but figured something was up when they said Dr. V had ordered a MRI.

Taylor’s EEG was showing spikes in his brain activity, indicating that he is prone to have another seizure even though he is currently on a seizure medicine. So all hopes of leaving ICU this evening were gone.

There’s also some concern to how drowsy he is and how he occasionally spaces out. He will carry a short conversation with Tom or I, but doesn’t want to talk to the nurses or doctors. Unlike Emma he is at least being civil with them. He may be stubborn but he is much more level headed.

His spinal tap had a count of 36, this is at least lower than Emma’s 125. Hopefully this means we recover a little faster.

Many of the doctors and nurses were very surprised to see us back. We have being asking every doctor if we should be concerned with Henry, ourselves or everyone who has helped care for the kids. Because it is viral there is nothing they can do to prevent, we are all supposed to go to the doctor immediately if running a fever or not feeling well.

The highlight of the day other than our awesomely long naps: Tom found a few tractors in the hospitals gift shop. So Taylor now has a combine, tractor and round baler in his bed. He did play for a few minutes and gave us a few grins.

They did end up restarting the vancomycin, which is the antibiotic he’s allergic too. It is supposed to be the best one if this does come back to be some type of bacterial infection. They preluded it a half hour with Benadryl and are giving it 2 hours to give the whole dose thru his IV. So far he’s had no reaction to it other than a little redness.

Thank you for the continued thoughts, prayers and support.


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