What Are The Odds

Yesterday leaving the hospital we were so happy! Emma had so many gifts in her room they literally filled a red wagon to get them out of the hospital and the the back of my car.

She had a rough morning with all the final tests and having her PICC set to continue treatments at the local hospital. But once we could head home, she went running (literally) out of the hospital. We stopped on the way home and grabbed her prescriptions. Once home she immediately had to go check on her hens who have been free ranging in our yard the past week.


All of us and my parents had just started to eat dinner, the women at our church are amazing and started bringing meals. Taylor wanted to watch The Fox and The Hound so I popped it in the DVD player and went about reheating supper. He started to complain he couldn’t see the movie. Emma was somewhat in front of him so I chalked it up to them back to their normal squabbles. Tom went in to the living room to ask him what he wanted to eat (like I said these ladies are amazing, it was a spread of food). When he walked in his face was blank and he was seizing.

I cannot begin to explain to you how I felt. It was honestly one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had. We called 911. We live right on the line of 2 counties, one fire house is literally 2 minutes from our house. The 911 operators from both counties were on the line and the farthest one was determined to send their squad. So after having a few choice words with her they sent out her squad. My mom and husband started calling everyone they had on their phones from the firehouse down the road. Both departments pulled in at the same time, the farther one was confused as to why they just didn’t page the closer one. By this time Taylor was done seizing and they took him to the local ER.

Once there they began comparing him and Emma. Thankfully they thought to pull a spinal tap before hitting him with antibiotics. Emma had 6 hours between meds and her spinal tap. They were somewhat worried that it may have changed the results. He had lots of blood work also drawn. While at the local hospital he had 2 more seizures they quickly stopped with Ativan. Thankfully he never had to be intubated like Emma. He was then life flighted to Akron Children’s.

We arrived her and he had a CT scan. It was around 1 or so in the morning so we should have results during rounds. He has a day of testing and medicine. But thankfully had a restful night and is sleeping well still. I’m sure 2 doses of Ativan and some Benadryl have assured good sleep.

Thank you so much for the love you have all shown the kids and the support that has been poured on us twice now.


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