Today’s Update 7/22

Ahhh, there is talk of home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! Do you sense my excitement? Today has been a fairly good day. We have had many more ups than downs.

Emma slept great last night and woke up in a pretty good mood.We had fun joking and laughing. Then her and Tom found Lilo and Stitch on Disney Jr. To watch while I went down to the cafeteria to find some breakfast for us. She devoured 2 pancakes, a whole order of bacon and of course a chocolate milk.


She had a little hiccup after breakfast. Emma has decided the nurses are enemy #1 and after having had vitals taken a few times and examined by the doctors doing rounds she had a little episode of confusion. She has been having some pretty intense mood swings as well. We have been assured this is normal and should diminish over time. The neurologist had her start taking vitamin B6. It is supposed to help control these things. After she had it she took a little nap.

After waking up from her nap it was on, in a good way. She was literally crawling all over, laughing hysterically.


At lunch time she had a ham sandwich, some carrots and dip, sun chips and a cookie. She ate over half of her lunch! Then big excitement interrupted lunch. The physical therapist showed up. She passed all her tests with flying colors! She stumbled a little when she got going too fast but other than that no problems.

After this she had a hearing test. Physical therapy exhausted her and she fell asleep before they came it get her for her test. I was worried waking her up to go, as this is when the confusion is it’s worst. But she was fairly coherent. I was impressed how willing she was to have her hearing checked. She had no problems with the ones that required no participation and she sat there patiently. If you saw the fight when they simply take her vitals you would have been impressed too. The beep test, where she pointed to ears, did not go well. Emma simply chose to not participate. So if there is time tomorrow they are going to try again, if not it can be done as an outpatient.

When we got back Toms sister was waiting. He and I took advantage of the visit and enjoyed a quiet lunch outside of Emma’s room. I don’t think we’ve had a meal like that in almost a week. It was SO nice! The only request from Emma was to bring her a cookie back. (The kid has a mild addiction)

Tom headed home tonight with the boys. Taylor is having some tummy troubles. I don’t know if it’s stress or if he has caught a bug. They are all coming back to pick us up tomorrow.

Tomorrows plans involve having a PIC line set (while sedated thank goodness) and a vision test. They think this may be part of her headaches. Thankfully the local hospital has agreed to given Emma 3 more days of antibiotics. Akron wasn’t sure at first if they would do this. I am so happy they did, if they hadn’t we would be here until Saturday. I miss my boys, I miss my house and I miss my bed!

I can not begin to thank you all for the support we have received. Your words, prayers, thoughts and actions mean so much to Tom and I. It has been humbling to know so many people care. Emma received 70, yes 70, e-cards! Plus numerous balloons, flowers and gifts. Here is a picture with her new giant monkey. Apparently he’s a great snoozing buddy, she’s used him all day.


Oh my goodness, I almost forgot, the “Glam Wagon” visited us today! Emma had her nails painted as well as receiving a purple tiara, a butterfly wand and pink heels (which she is NOT allowed to walk in). This volunteer was amazing! Here is a picture of her all dolled up!


7 thoughts on “Today’s Update 7/22

    • She impressed me this morning. She wakes up and goes “I’m kinda lost, you’re my mom right?” At least she realized she was confused. The vitB seems to have mellowed her quite a bit. 2 days ago she would have went in to a panic.

  1. I’m so pleased for you! My mother also wants me to pass along a hug for Emma, she’s been pestering me daily for updates and will be so happy to hear the good “going home” news!

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