The Last 36 Hours

As most of you know who follow my blog, my little Henry has been very ill since last Friday. We’re talking 2 pediatrician visits and an ER visit. Very high temps and very lethargic. Wednesday morning the illness spread to his sister.

Emma woke up Wednesday and ran a fever from 101-103.5 all day. I didn’t worry because Henry’s was chalked up to being viral. So I made sure she was resting, which was surprisingly not hard with her, and that she was still taking in fluids. Lots of Gatorade was her choice to be exact. All was fairly calm, miserable but calm.

Thursday morning I was very happy. We had found Emma’s birthday present . Yes, we bought a palomino for her. I used the excuse that our Jacky boy needed companionship. I use the term “bought” loosely as we were going to pay for her yesterday until all this went down. I have been in communications with her owner and she’s been awesome about understanding and holding her for us. Here’s a sneak peek…Shhh…


Emma had been groggy all day, but this was characteristic of what Henry had. I didn’t worry. She even ate some lunch, a hot dog with ketchup. After lunch her and I made a pit stop at my parents before heading to the bank.

Once we got in to town it sounded like she threw up when we were about a block from the bank. I told her to hold on that we were almost there and I would clean her up once we stopped. When I pulled in to the bank it all went south, fast.

I opened the back door of my car and Emma was spaced out, making gurgling noises and unresponsive. I called Tom in a panic and then 911. The squad only took a few moments to get there but they were LONG.

They put Emma in the squad and started evaluating her. The first words out of the EMT’s mouths were “it looks like meningitis”. Those are some swell words to hear. All of a sudden I think “oh crap, Henry’s in the car!”. Don’t fear, he’s back to his happy self and was grinning from ear to ear. No more than we got in to the squad and they were ready to leave. Tom and Taylor met me in town, we met my mom in a restaurant parking lot giving her the boys and headed to the hospital.

Emma was whisked in to a room and doctors and nurses fell on her. She was still seizing from the original episode, almost 40 minutes. Thankfully that was fairly controlled once she was in the ER. Then she had 3 more while they were working on her. She was then given medicine to paralyze her. This meant she had to be intubated. They had an awful time. After 5 attempts from 2 teams she was successfully hooked to a ventilator and given a hefty dose of an anti-seizure medicine.

Life flight was called in from Akron Children’s to take her away. It took awhile to have her stable enough to fly as they didn’t want to put her in the helicopter while having a seizure.

They flew off finally and we made the longest 40 minute drive of my life. This is the most scared I have ever been as a parent. I felt so helpless and useless. Terrifying. One thing that was comforting was our phones were going crazy. We received so many calls, texts, messages and Facebook comments. People offering prayers, thoughts, help milking, help with our barn full of pets. It was overwhelming but calming all the same.

Walking in to Akron we coincidently met the flight team coming back from Emma’s room. They took us up. My mother in law and our amazing pastor beat us here.

Once in Akron she was taken to a CT scan immediately. She passed her CT with flying colors. At this time she had a spinal tap done to check her fluids. Those results came back not as pleasing. What was originally thought to be just a atypical fibril seizure became a set of seizures caused by viral meningitis. While assured that if you HAD to get a form of meningitis, this was the one to get, it was still a very scary diagnosis to hear. We are still waiting on her 48 hour culture for bacterial. She’s currently on 3 antibiotics for that until it comes back negative.

At 10:30pm her ventilator was removed and she was easily breathing on her own. Raspy and hoarse sounding because of having a hard time being intubated but it was out. For some reason this out put me at much more ease.

All day today her fever and heart rate have been bouncing around. Her fever spiked today at 104.8 and her heart rate topped out at 170. This changed the original plans they had for us to be out of the ICU around lunch.

This afternoon we met with a neurologist. She had an EEG ordered to make sure she was no longer having seizure like activity. That even after being placed on 2 IV anti seizure medicines she could still be having bad activity in her brain. This was not going on. However, her left side is having slower activity. An MRI was then ordered to see of they could identify a problem causing this. She was sedated and taken back. We are still awaiting these results.

I know this was long, I’m sorry. I know this is not one of my better composed pieces. I’m sure there’s a typo some where. Please take a moment and say a quick prayer for my Em. The tribes leader is down, this is so not her.

On a good note her heart rate has recently dropped to normal levels and her fever is only 99.7. Maybe tonight we can get around that curve! She is talking, is finally fairly coherent and is resting easily right now with her “poppa blanky” (her security blanket). It sounds like in the morning. We should be saying good bye to the ICU.


15 thoughts on “The Last 36 Hours

  1. OH MY FREAKING LORD!!!! I am so sorry to read all that. Poor baby!!! Tons of prayers headed your way!!! Prayers for a quick recovery, negative on the bacterial side, and peace in her little body and for mom and dad too!!!

  2. Oh my dear, I can’t even imagine how you must be feeling! Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, not only you and Emma but the whole tribe! Stay strong and keep us posted!

  3. Prayers for your sweet family! It sounds like she is in a good hospital. Kids are tough! I’m sure she will bounce back quickly. Hang in there mom and Dad! I look forward to a post with her well and riding her new horse! Until then I will keep you all in my prayers!

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