Things I’ve realized Lately

The past 4-5 days have been rough. They’ve also made me realize some things.
– I have spent so much time sitting and holding Henry to make him comfortable, I’m pretty sure my booty mark is forever imprinted in to our couch.
– We pay way too much for TV for nothing to be on it. I’m actually starting to look forward to when Wild Kratts comes on our PBS channel. It saves me from trying to watch adult shows during the day. There are none worth watching.
– If you write a wordpress blog that I follow or you share your blog posts with Blogging for Agriculture, I have read it. Thank you all for keeping me entertained.
– We have some pretty good, flexible employees. I have only had to milk once since Henry has gotten sick. Kudos boys, I am very grateful.
-Grandparents can be life savers. With 3 kids there some shuffling that has to be done when one needs to go to the ER.
– When the second kid gets sick and you have 3 it can be rough for the healthy one. That farm set I get disgusted with has been a saving grace with Taylor today. His dad’s home now and he’s happily playing outside. Talk about a kid that was happy to go feed his pony!
– I have become a Facebook creeper. Yes a creepy creeper. I’m not proud of this.
– I can probably tell you anything for sale on Craigslist in Ohio. This I’m also not proud of.
– With all my creepy creeping and Craigslist scrounging, I have potentially found Emma’s birthday present. Rock on Mom!
– My husband may try to act like he rides our kids fairly hard. Their pistols. They have him wrapped around their tiny little fingers. As example: husband is going to look at Emma’s potential birthday present tomorrow night.
– I have never been so tired. Honestly.
– The out pouring of people, whom I’ve never met other than via their blogs, telling me they’re praying for my sick little guy while I was freaking out amazed me. Thank you all. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude.
– The same thanks and gratitude goes to the people I do know. We have some amazing friends and family.

I do believe little Henry is starting to come around. His temp hasn’t been over 100 degrees all day. In the past 24 hours he has nursed like crazy and taken in 32 ounces of Gatorade. I even got a few smiles, giggles and spit bubbles today 🙂

6 thoughts on “Things I’ve realized Lately

    • I needed to find some humor some where! I’m fading fast. Was very discouraging when Emma woke up sick this morning. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to have hit her as hard yet.

  1. I really hope you don’t have to go through any more days like these last few but if you’re ever looking to be amused by the internet (without being creepy!) I found a website called “Smiles For All” which is just a collection of funny everyday stories that have happened to people that might give you a chuckle!
    I’m truly glad that Henry is starting to feel better, hopefully you will be able to catch up on some sleep!

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