I’m sorry if you’ve come here to read about cows the past few days. I’m having a bit of a mommy melt down. At Henry’s appointment Friday morning I as just told to watch him, well yesterday he looked awful.

My mom watched him so I could go milk in the afternoon (there’s your cows). He had been limp, whiny and overall horrid looking all day. After all of us talking we decided he needed to go to the ER.

Our local hospital ships babies on if they can’t help them easily. Akron has an outstanding children’s hospital only an hour from our house. So they use their resources well.

I called the on call nurse for our doctor, we use a large clinic and I was forwarded to a main branch to use a general on call nurse. I was on hold not once but twice after calls being dropped. All together I was on hold over a half hour. I just hung up, I can only take so much.

After shuffling around the 2 elder tribe members, we left to the local hospital. After sitting there for 3 hours we were told he had a fever, push fluids, go home. I feel so defeated, frustrated and worried.

This all started Friday morning at 1 am. Henry has been anywhere from 101-104. He has quit nursing since lunch time yesterday. He hasn’t had a wet diaper since he woke up yesterday morning. He just goes limp. His eyes are glazed looking and he lays here and whimpers. On a plus side he has quit vomiting because I don’t think he has the fluids in him to do so.

I’m really starting to feel like the crazy mom that no one is listening to. I’m calling his regular pediatrician when they open and hoping for some answers.

5 thoughts on “Frustrated.

  1. Oh, you poor dears!
    You’re not crazy mom…your poor, sweet baby needs attention and someone needs to listen to you!
    Wish I could help. Praying hard here in the Valley.
    Hope you get some answers and assistance!

    • Thank you. We got in with his ped at 1:30 today. I talked to an RN for a lengthy time on the phone this morning. I think the poor woman heard all my frustrations lol. I did apologize and wasn’t nasty with her but she knew I wasn’t happy with his whole ordeal. After her listening and talking to his regular doctor they thought they could do a very in depth work up and bypass the ER unless he did need more fluids. After an over the phone assessment and him nursing well when he woke up they thought he would be fine to sit a few hours.
      I should really go back thru and read this blog since I wrote it half asleep and stressed at about 5 this morning.

  2. You should be frustrated as babies dehydrate within hours. My 3 year old nephew had a similar situation last week but was not vomiting he had the runs and his fever hit 104. He ended up being admitted after taking him to the ER because he could not control his bowels and high temp and was put immediately on fluids to rehydrate. He had a virus and was severely dehydrated after less than 6 hours of the start of it all. I hope all goes well at the Dr today and you were right to express your frustration/anger!!

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