A Good Exam and a Little Peace of Mind

Little Henry saw his regular pediatrician today. He was mine when I was little and I enjoy talking to him while he looks the kids over. He is always very thorough, explains stuff well and never makes you feel like you have a stupid question. Plus the kids love him.

He wiggled Henry in between two appointments that were already scheduled so we had a little wait. But it was well worth it. Henry received a head to toe exam. By the time he was checked out, received a strep test and answered all of our questions we spent about 45 minutes with him. In those 45 minutes I became much more satisfied and comfortable with the situation.

Henry’s throat appeared irritated today so he ran a strep test. This was the only other symptom he found. The strep test came back negative. I’m glad he doesn’t have strep but was hoping for some kind of answer.

His fluid levels are low, but he is not currently dehydrated. So to help the situation I am to give him 1 ounce of Gatorade or pedialtye per hour on top of nursing on demand. We are also to watch him very close to make sure he does not dehydrate.

After all of this we were assured to bring him back at any time and not worry. I was so glad to have some one just listen to my concerns and act like they were valid. The nurse I talked to scheduling his appointment even came in to check on him. I may get frustrated at times with the large clinic we use but I wouldn’t trade our pediatrician for anything.

Now Henry and I just need some sleep. So if no one hears from me for a few days I may be napping in between my turns to milk. Thankfully some of our milkers have been very willing to switch milkings around with me so I can spend time tending to little Henry.

Oh and more good news, our pediatrician doesn’t feel we need to test for any fever disorders at this point in time. That to me is another big relief!

5 thoughts on “A Good Exam and a Little Peace of Mind

  1. Oh, I am SO glad you got some good news and some peace of mind.
    I’ve been thinking/praying all day for Henry. (and you) Here’s hoping this means he’s on the mend.
    Now, go get some sleep! You certainly need and deserve it. 🙂

    • I’m really hoping so. They said the fever could last up to another week. I slacked and ordered Pizza Hut for supper, I believe mom is checking out early tonight!

    • I may have fallen asleep very early and we may have let Pizza Hut cook our supper, shhh…. He woke up to eat just now. He’s taken in a LOT of fluids tonight. Still very fussy but fever was down to 99. Oh and he’s loving this Gatorade game plan, apparently he’s a “riptide rush” fan like his mom 😉

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