My Poor Baby Henry

As many of you read yesterday my littlest one is sick. I mean S.I.C.K. We are talking pretty much a temp over 102 since the wee hours of Friday morning. He is a sad, pathetic little sight whom I can’t put down. I have spent most of the 40 hours cuddling this burning little ball of baby flesh. Now the kicker to this is little inferno is puking …. Yesterday I went thru 6 shirts. Seriously, 6. Today we are only to 3 but the night’s still young.

This morning I made a doctors appointment right away. I headed off with the whole tribe since Tom was at a cow show with a few of the ladies. I get in my car, realize I need gas. I love my Acadia, she is not fossil fuel friendly. I begin rifling thru my purse looking for either my debit card or my credit card. Nada. I call Tom, some how he had literally ended up with every form of money we had. Take note bad guys, I don’t carry cash.

I had to stop at the fairgrounds to get some money for gas. Thankfully I literally had to drive past it to go to the doctors office. I get my money and we trek on.

This is Reba working her pretty before the show

At the doctors office they found nothing wrong with Henry aside from his sky high temp and vomiting. Thankfully he is still hydrated and still nursing somewhat. He gets to sit like this until Monday morning, if he’s not better by then I’m supposed to call back. If there’s no improvement they are then going to start running labs. One of the tests they want to do is to check for periodic fever syndrome. The littlest tribesman has had 5 fevers in his 7 months on the “outside”. Ironically they have all been 4-6 weeks apart. This peaked the interest of the on call pediatrician today to suggest running this test.

I was bad and did internet research, I know every doctors nightmare. It doesn’t look horribly scary but does have me nervous. No one wants to see their munchkin sick. This is officially the sickest I have seen one of the tribe. I do not like it. So please keep my little guy in your prayers, thoughts, whatever you do. He has his mommy on edge.

My miserable little man….>



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