Farm Sets and Smurfs

This morning Taylor and I found ourselves with some time to just ourselves. Emma was with my mom and Henry had nestled down for his 10:30 nap. The kid takes it like clock work. So what are a mom and her 3 year old son to do?

Well for starters we found some quality cartoons to watch. The Smurfs was an obvious choice for good entertainment. Taylor and I both favor the older cartoons. Smurfs, Scooby, Tom and Jerry, the classics. Emma is too in to Disney Jr for us. Once we had the little blue people turned on it was time to find something to occupy us.

Taylors solution: his farm set. Now allow me to explain Taylors farm set to you. It started out as your basic toy farm set. A house, barn, windmill, milking parlor and a handful of assorted farm animals. It has expanded slightly (major understatement). He has built on with Lincoln Logs, wooden fence, and Fisher Price barns from when he was smaller. The kid has gone as far to add the Bat Cave and a Jake and the Neverland Pirates tree house. Some cows like to have alter egos, ok? Cow by day, super hero by night. Completely possible when you’re a 3 year old.

This farm set was originally constructed on our dining room table. It was nice and confined there. Then it started to trickle down to the dining room floor. As of late it has now spewed on to the living room floor as well. It is quickly becoming one of those “factory farms” I believe….(Read my thoughts on those here: So while Taylor is busy expanding, the rest of us are tending to wounded toes from fences and the like.

Today we had to make a parking lot of his tractors and trucks. This was a big deal. He was worried the “evil rat” was going to steal them. To clue you in, this was a stuffed Mickey Mouse doll. Mickey is on kind of shaky ground in our house. Emma currently refuses to watch him. She says he’s a rat and rats “freak her out” I was told. Taylor is more day by day. Henry so far doesn’t show any preference.

As you can see the parking lot was quite crowded.

As you can see the parking lot was quite crowded.

Despite our best efforts, while moving one of the approximately 3,000 horses that inhabit Ranch Taylor, the evil rat attacked.

All the cool farmers move their horses in open wagons with a trailer.

All the cool farmers move their horses in open wagons with a tractor.

So farmer Taylor had to defend his property. What is the best way to defend your farm from a giant, evil rat? Why run it over, repeatedly, with a tractor of course!

That's one dead rat.

That’s one dead rat.

Upon successfully killing the rat we were able to continue farming as usual. Somewhere along the lines of our farming adventures, a slight wrestling match took place. One thing is definite, this kid like to rough house with ANY one. I’m thinking we should find a wrestling team/troop, whatever they’re called, for him. The kid is relentless. Anyways, yours truly won with a body slam to the couch. Part of loosing was letting me take his picture.

Wrestling terms: winner takes losers photo, which includes a smiling face!

Wrestling terms: winner takes losers photo, which includes a smiling face!

It’s fun to take a break and travel back to when you were little. I’m lucky that the tribe reminds me daily how fun it is to be a carefree kid. The things they imagine daily amaze me. As you can tell, Taylors imagination was working well today!


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