Spring is Finally Springing!

It has finally stopped raining long enough to get on with our spring activities. Although we’re doing it all almost a month late, it’s finally getting done. The puddles, standing water and mud is finally gone. It’s time to tackle flower beds, gardens and most importantly fields that have been more than a little “squishy” for the past month. I’m beyond excited to get this process going!

Yesterday I wandered around the house and took a few quick photos that show we are actually entering the growing season. The clouds have parted and our little spot in Ohio is finally feeling productive!


One of my favorite flowers to bloom


One of the beds my irises are in.

I absolutely love my irises. They are blooming in full force right now and smell divine! Mine aren’t blooming quite as robustly as they normally do, I had to tame the masses this year and separate them. We had a small “plant give away” a few weekends ago. I tackled some unruly flowers and found them new homes to beautify. My irises are quite prolific! But not as bad as these little beauties:

Hostas and ornamental strawberries, almost invasive in my beds!

Hostas and ornamental strawberries, almost invasive in my beds!

The small plant with the pretty little flower is an ornamental strawberry. They are sold as ground covers, bear no fruit just these fragrant little pink flowers and should be labeled as invasive species. Although a cute little plant they can take over a bed in the time it takes to blink your eyes. If you are in the market for a hearty ground cover look no further! It gets a beating between the kids and dogs at our house but keeps on multiplying. Kind of like the Hosta in this picture. We have them every where. Three different varieties and I have some in every bed. I like them, Tom calls them swamp weeds.

Another hosta bed.

Another hosta bed. It’s looking like I need to bite the bullet and take to mulching!

The above picture is a favorite of mine. In a nice shady corner of the house, I have planted impatients in this bed of hostas for the past six years. A creature of habit I guess, but really quite pretty once everyone fills out and my procrastinating self mulches.

Some plants are getting buds!

Day lillies are getting buds!

A close second in the favorite flower category is day lilies. I have planted lots of them over the past 2-3 years. I was pretty pumped to see the one is starting to get buds. Fear not, when they start blooming they’ll probably get their own blog post. At least the pictures will be pretty to look at. Mine have all been purchased from a local plant sale a neighboring dairy farmers wife does annually over Memorial Day weekend. She has hundreds of plants and day lilies in more colors than you can imagine!

The tiny little spot is a tractor finally getting to plant!

The tiny little spot is a tractor finally getting to plant!

If you squint really well you can see a tractor to the right of the telephone pole in this picture. We FINALLY dried out enough to start planting last night. We have been soaked for almost the past month. It would dry out enough to tease you, then dump on us again. The past few days have actually been dry and no rain in the forecast for a few more! It is so nice to finally see the crops going in the ground.

Todays project in more yard work and then the biggie, hopefully I have a garden ready to go by the end of the day. Then I’ll be one happy lady!


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