The Adventures of Jack

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be sitting here writing a blog about a pony who resides at our house, I would have said you’re crazy. 1) I had no interest in writing a blog and pushed it off when ever it was suggested and 2) No way did I believe we would be the owners of any thing equine. But as you can see I broke down about both.

The middle tribe member is obsessed, and I mean obsessed, with anything dealing with horses. Taylor is a horse fanatic. Horse, donkey, pony, mule, draft he doesn’t care. If it neighs and eats copious amounts of hay, he’s all about it. I had a pony growing up. She was old, as in my mom’s pony from when she was a kid old. Dine had reached “pasture ornament” status by the time I was old enough to ride. I can remember riding her on occasion but not very often. My husband has told stories of Annie, his horse as a kid. We both had horse experience, Tom much greater than mine. We decided early on that a horse was not a road we wanted to go down. Every time one of the kids brought it up we brushed them off like they were crazy. Believe me, there were quite a few of these moments with Taylor.

Fast forward to February of this year. About mid-month. The husband and I were discussing what to get Taylor for his birthday. Just messing around, Tom goes “we should get him a horse”. We both sit and laugh about it. I investigated further on my own. I took to craigslist and our local news paper. We live in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country. There’s always horses for sale, we’re talking whole page of classified ads here. After not finding much in the paper I called a few leads from craigslist. All reasonable priced steads were either sold, too far away or not kid safe.

A few days pass and up pops an ad for this larger paint pony. He was very pretty, large enough for Tom and I to ride and amazingly about 20 minutes away from our house. The ad said to send texts and they would reply as soon as they could. So I did but some one else had before me. By this point in time, I reluctantly had Tom somewhat on board with me. By some act of God (this stuff never happens to us) the other guy backed out.

The next night Tom had to sneak out of the house with the stock trailer and no kids. This is no small feat. The kids see the trailer and come running to haul heifers. I guess someone needs to like to move the pesky critters, if it’s a 2 (almost 3 at the time) and 4 year old, so be it. So off he sneaks, rides the pony, likes him and strikes a deal. He then learns not only can Jack be rode but he also drives quite well and had the past career of a pulling pony, hence his stout appearance.

Jack lived with a neighboring Amish family the two weeks prior to Taylors birthday party. He had been stalled all winter and had some energy to burn off. Then the big day came!

The first time Taylor saw Jack. You can't tell in the picture but he was seriously crying happy tears!

The first time Taylor saw Jack. You can’t tell in the picture but he was seriously crying happy tears!

Jack is a seriously spoiled pony these days. While he can be quite contrary at times, we have a blast with him. He lets the kids crawl all over him, brush him endlessly and he loves apple treats (I think he just loves food!). Tom and the kids can ride him for hours.

Jack doing what he does best, eating!

Jack doing what he does best, eating!

Emma's preferred way to brush Jack.

Emma’s preferred way to brush Jack.

Jack and I however do not get along with me in the saddle. He is an intuitive booger and realizes my lack of horse expertise. He is not mean to me, but we do what Jack wants to do. So these days I brush him and lead him for the kids to ride. He gives me horsey nuzzles and we get along famously until I sit on him. Oh well! He senses I’m more of a cow person I think.

The tribal elder on the trusty stead.

The tribal elder on the trusty stead.

The only issue we’ve had with Jack is when he’s in the pasture he likes to run and run and run. Normally only after he slips his halter. His most famous adventure was when he was in the pasture with the dry cows. He slipped his halter, I believe this is first on his check list when turned loose. Then preceded to run around like normal. Well this night he was determined to stay outside. He alluded all attempts to be caught. So Jack got his wish. About 8 o’clock the next morning Toms phone rang. It was the neighbor who also has horses. Apparently Jack got out and went on a little adventure. He was still so determined to not be caught, they had to lead one of their brood mares all the way to his pen before we could catch him. I believe the husband may have been adding some not so nice words that rhyme with “sass” to the end of Jacks name that day!

Big excitement came this month with the purchase of a pony cart! We have tried out Jack’s driving abilities and he LOVES to pull a cart. Now he may not be the fastest pony, but don’t tell him that. He will trot all over the back roads by us happy as can be. Little Henry even enjoys a nice ride squealing and giggling as we go. This is the only way Taylor will go “fast” on Jack. When he rides he only lets him walk.

Ready to head out!

Ready to head out!

While Taylor may be our original horseman, his sister has apparently caught the bug.  She’s really been enjoying riding. Taylor would be just as content to hand feed Jack and brush him all day. Emma’s already requesting a palomino mare for her birthday. It’s always good to know she isn’t picky. Someone informed us when we bought Jack that these animals were contagious…

5 thoughts on “The Adventures of Jack

  1. It’s funny how you say you don’t get along with Jack due to your lack of horsemanship. While Dina was in our care, we found she was well behaved and gentle with anyone who was a little scared or inexperienced. Denise

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