Rain, Please Stop for a While…

It seems as though farmers are never content with the weather. It’s either to wet, to dry, to hot, to cold, to windy…you get the picture. Ohio decided to skip spring this year. Just wasn’t worth her time. We went from 20 below to a hot, muggy 85 in a week, or at least it felt that way. This nice, and appreciated, warm up has me chomping at the bit to get in to my garden and flower beds. There’s been one problem, we have had an epidemic of thunderstorms for the past week. Today was complete with tornado warnings and all!

Everything is wet, if you’re going to plant something you’re going to “mud it in” so to speak. What gets dried out during the day get saturated again at night. It’s getting kinda depressing. I want to plant a vegetable garden but instead it may be wiser to build an ark. There aren’t even many farmers who have crops out by us. I’m not saying there aren’t any, but we aren’t on track. You may need some pontoons to enter some of our fields.

I don’t do much with the tractors. I’ll man a plow or a disc in a pinch to fit down a field, but aside from my skid loader abilities, that’s it. I don’t know if my dad planned it this way so he had someone who only wanted to work with the cows or not, but regardless I’d much rather spend my time with the ladies. I small scale farm at home. I’m content with a veggie garden and my flower beds.

I broke down on Saturday and could put it off no longer. I went to the green house. Now we are lucky enough to have a fabulous one by us that I frequent regularly this time of the year. I went in with the intentions to buy a flat of petunias and a flat of impatients. Instead I emerged with one flat of petunias, two flats of impatients (too many colors I couldn’t decide), one flat of dianthus and an assortment of single annuals to plant two tubs. Then I quickly checked out before Tom saw the grand total. One must be sneaky when they indulge in their bad habits!

Saturday was rushed between tending to the ladies on our day to work this weekend and dropping off a massive egg order Emma had at our church for their Mother’s Day breakfast. But we did sneak in making two of these pretty pots between milkings.


Mine and Emma’s pretty creation!

Then that evening we were on a roll. We planted most of the petunias and dianthus sporadically in a few beds to add some color here and there. We were in luck as I found two bags of leftover mulch from last year. So what does one do with two little tribe members who are just wandering around? Make them spread mulch!

The mulch crew!

The mulch crew!

After a chaotic Mother’s Day and Monday we returned to gardening in the mud yesterday to work some pretty impatients in to my hosta bed. Emma and Taylor dug holes and places flowers with me while Henry supervised from his stroller. He loves, I mean loves, the great outdoors. The only problem is one hour outside means a two hour nap for him. All his supervising is tiring!

Taylor complete with gardening gloves. Must prevent the poison ivy!

Taylor complete with gardening gloves. Must prevent the poison ivy!

I enjoy my flowers. They’re fun but I normally don’t get too carried away with them. I have lots of perenials planted so I don’t have to re-spend money on flowers every year. I’m a little cheap, OK? What I really enjoy is planting a big vegetable garden. Now I’m not one of those crazy people who are anal about weeds. My garden is more “functional”. My veggies grown with about 60% of my weeds pulled. This year I believe I’m going to be passing down some fine weeding skills to my little tribe. Emma did well last year, Taylor shall be educated of the ways this year. I have my garden all ready. Old tomato cages gone, stakes pulled, one thing is left. It needs to STOP raining. All I’m asking is for a few days so I can get my garden fit down. I want some fresh lettuce, green beans off the vine and heads of cabbage ready to be made in to tasty freezer slaw. I also have many great canning recipes to share once I have fresh produce. So until the rain passes, I’m going to stare at this picture while I construct my ark.

Some garden booty from last year.

Some garden booty from last year.





3 thoughts on “Rain, Please Stop for a While…

  1. Can you float that Ark to Buffalo and pick us up?? We are in the same pattern and my strawberry plants are almost under water in their raised beds. The animals are antsy having to hide in their barns and coops and I too am so ready to get my cellar stocked up with our homegrown veggies, fruits, jams, jellies, pies, pickles and so on!! Right now it is thundering in the distance and the clouds are rolling in again…..UGH….hope it changes for both of us soon!!

    • My strawberries are up on a hill so far they are safe. We will gladly pick you up. I didn’t follow these nasty storms up the radar, I hope they aren’t they same ones! The town 5 miles to the north had a funnel cloud that did touch down and the one 7 miles to the east saw funnel clouds. We were lucky and both storms missed us!

  2. Our TV’s are showing warnings all over to the Northeast of us with severe thunderstorms, hail and wind gusts to 60 mph. It’s about 25 minutes away from where we live. We have a severe thunderstorm warning starting at 7:00 but it shows mainly thunder, lightening and rain. So glad those bad storms missed you!!

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